Today as I was washing my hair, when the notion of me being 20 this yr hits me.

Not like 20 is very old per se but well, its a leap frm ur teen yrs isnt it? Then my brain starts to think about my future, thinking, “hmmm, when will i get married?”

You know when i’m in sec sch, i will also tend to think of that but its just purely day dreaming la, at tt pt of time, Os are e focus of my life, i dont have a boyfriend (cos im fat n frumpy) and i’m only bloody 16. (or even younger, yes, i daydream abt this kinda stuff since long time ago)

Then, baby stepped into my life, and i can say we are quite similar in our thinking and our opinion of r.ships n we said to ourselves, 7yrs ltr, we will get married. 7yrs. In a blink of an eye, we’ve been tgt for 2yrs n half. Nxt yr, (which is approaching soon, ,mind you) we will be tgt for 3yrs! Which means, if we really follow through our plans, we will be happily sending out wedding invitations in 4yrs time. We will source for our own love nest, he will design our dream home, we will head to IKEA to buy truckloads of furnitures n we will do family planning.

2 kids, maybe? heehee. Hopefully my future kids will have hair like their dad’s cos their mum’s hair is super cui. while their dad gt baby fine hair even after just dipping it in chlorine. Irritating, yes?

Then when i have a baby of my own, I will devote my attention and time on him/her, putting all tt i’ve learn in ECH to very very good use. I will cook gourmet food (YES I WILL. JOEY TAY.) for my husband every night (ok maybe not every la ah. :D). Sigh, such a happy sight.

Whenever ppl ask me whats my ambition, i really dont know what to say. Cos since i was a lil girl, my ambition was to be a housewife; a loving mother and a good wife. N im thinking, just when, will my dream come true… I really love the idea of being a young wife and a young mother. I dont mind getting married now and having a child 2yrs ltr. (:

Baby, pls dont be stress. Its not meant to stress you. Just to let you know. LOL.