When I was a kid, my mum sent me for tuition because she firmly believed that a strong foundation is very impt for our studies. So since primary1, I’ve been gg over to my neighbour hse for my tuition sessions and boy, it wasnt pleasant at all. Adults who were frm my era, firmly believed in spare the rod and spoil the child. My tutor, he got no qualms in using a textbk n hit on my head if i didnt manage to grasp a concept correctly or i ans the qn wrongly. Very scary. But nope, my tutor isnt an abuser or what, he just want me to learn at a faster rate, which i think, e beating dont really help at all cos it just add on e stress for me.

Whenever theres common test or the major exams are approaching, he will set his goals for me. Which is, Band1 for every subject. And if I get band1 for every subjects, he will buy me a bag of chips and a can of drink. Thats my reward. As simple as that, but believe it or not, I will really put in extra effort for my reward. At tt pt of time, to me, a bag of chips and a can of drink all to myself (no need to share w my sister, ha!) is something BIG, u see. N yea, for most of e times, I really gt band1 for every subject, n i always get to chose what chips n wad drink I want, very exciting. haha, for me la.

When I was young, I dont rmb having the privilige of eating chips whenever I like. Even if there is, my mum will always insist on sharing it among us. Its only once in a while then will my dad buy a pkt each for me n my sis, and i rmb, its FOREVER Jack&Jill the orange pkt one. Up till nw, if he still buy tidbits, he will still buy that for us, haha, old habits die hard!

As I was walking to the MRT station this morning, I marvelled at how easily content I was when I’m a kid. Nowadays, if their chn get just a Band1 for one subject, their parents will shower them with PSP and whats not. If they get better results, a trip to Disneyland will be thrown in as well. N sometimes, i can hear kids grumbling at how “common” or “lousy” their rewards are. N all i can think is, they really dont know hw to appreciate what they have. Pif, kids. *roll eyes*

I certainly wont raised my kids up to only do something for such big rewards. To me, vocal or action rewards are much better in the long run. Boost child’s self worth and their confidence, and needless to say, my pocket. haha!

I think i’m digressing frm my topic, but i dont think i am as well. Oh wells.