Childcare maid? Or cleaner?


Currently, my MSN nick is “did i mention, i love my job? haha.”

and no, i dont mean it the sarcastic manner, i really do love it, cross my heart n hope to die. so, i was up early this morning, watching gossip girl while having my bfast when somebody came along and decide to piss me off on such a beautiful day.

he asked me,

“so what you working now as? childcare maid huh? or cleaner?

I gt irritated. Immediately, before you can even say “Pronto”. There were countless times when friends of mine teased me on how difficult can it get, studying Early Childhood. Afterall, its just taking care of screaming children and wiping their backside. Yes, dont be surprised by some ppl’s lvl of intelligence, they DO still have that sort of warped thinking. And i wonder why.

Sometimes, i will just let it pass by shooting them one of my ur-dead-if-you-mention-another-word look and sometimes when im itching for an argument, i’ll reason it out. And surprise surprise, I always win. Probably because, I knew this line better than you do? So, i’ve gt facts to back me up? Thats why, you can just shut e hell up? 🙂

So back to the childcare maid thing. I gt irritated immediately as mentioned and I told him how could he say something so disrespectful by being so condescending on this profession by asking questions like that. Oh yes, i added that i’m amazed by his imaturity as well. Dont give me crap such as, thats e way u talk or ur just joking. Dont ever ever joke w me on this matter (so ppl, take note. dont say i nv warn ya) I’m v defensive when it comes to ppl not respecting such an impt and noble profession especially when i’ve seen how its like and have done a few things myself as well.

Even though im not working in a childcare anymore, my respect for earlychildhood educators will always be there. I’ve gt friends working in childcare and I see how they slog their ass before, during and after work.

Childcare maid huh. Yes, we work harder than maids damn you. And why is that? Because teaching is a work of heart and even though ppl do complain how stressful it is. Tchers still believe in giving the best education for the young ones, to educate them in e most enriching and engaging manner they can ever think of. How to make e young ones interested in saving mother earth? Hw can we make them understand the 3Rs r impt? You think its easy to think of theme related lesson plans with different subjects for main activities and follow ups? You think activities for your children will just appear by snapping of fingers? No, thank you very much. Tchers find their resources, print it, colour it, laminate it, cut it, wrap it to prevent itchy fingers to destroy it (but it prolly will only last a week, nth get past their fingers) they do all these even after sch hrs. They have to change e classrm’s charts and learning corner activities every sem to suit the different theme so ur precious child can extend their learning on their own. It has to be age related, not too easy so they wont get bored, nt too difficult so they wont get frustrated. But just e right dosage of both to make it challenging yet they can have a sense of acheivement when they complete it.

Fuck. you think doing all that is easy peasy?

To all e ppl out there who r unappreciative of earlychildhood educators, it will be nice if you can learn to change ur thinking and start being appreciative to them. They are the ones who sacrifice their girls night out and sleeping hrs for your children’s education. N most of e time, they are the ones who teach ur children manners. They are e 2nd most impt figure in ur children’s early years. I believe they dont need big and exp gifts.

But just a simple sincere “thank you, i really appreciate for all e things you have done for my child” will be nice.  Dont wait until its near Tcher’s Day then you rmb hw impt tchers are. Tchers dont only teach for a day, they teach for almost the whole year. So, to me, everyday, SHOULD BE tcher’s day.