Sign Language

I really like sign language. But i havent really been practising them since erm, 2 yrs ago and seems that most of it i had returned to tim and e sign language instructor i had for my classes.

All i can rmb is A-Z and some simple words like “am”, “love”, “miss” etc. very Pte Limited. hahaha. i still rmb e best thing i like for sign language is when we split up to find table during breaks, me n zanel will just sign to each other across e canteen, no need for cellphones man! just your hands and your eyes and information will be sent across. total cool beans. oh ya, sign language is a total cool stuff when both parties know it, and ur wanna share secrets. no one will ever know! (:

e sudden comeback for sign language is a friend of mine was interested and i’ve been teaching him a bit here n there, n i realised wad a waste man. Like, i’ve learnt so much yet i only can rmb these few. Tsk. aiyoh, v random post, i know.