Pink Slipper Day


I bought this pair of pink suede slipper frm cotton on body for just 1buck. YEAH. A BUCK. bloody cheap. orginal price was like 10bucks can. i think those who bought it initially really can bang wall and cry. hahaha. anyway, the GAP shirt im wearing, total light material, super comfortable! Although that is considered “gaigai” clothes, sometimes i will wear it to sleep. hehehehe.

Baby picked me up frm work today! 🙂 LOVES! In short, we went to Dhoby Gaut for a early dinner at KFC, walked around, and had dessert at Ice Monster! Durian and Mango Ice shavings! MUAHAHA. total sinful stuff. but absolutely yummylicious. Anyway, i didnt had much for KFC, cos i had a super huge breastmeat instead of my thigh meat, so i gave that to baby anyway. 😀 so.. he is the one gaining all the mighty kilos! muahaha.

I just anyhw aim, snapped. And surprisngly, baby n i were in the picture! With our dessert somemore! Talented la. what can i say?

Caught in action. Its v nice la. e durian puree. walao~

I got very freaked out by this pic of mine. Looks like it has been warped right? (Warp is an application in Sony Ercisson phone where the photo will turn into hideous stuff, and alien hybrid is one of them) I just sucked in my cheeks nia lor! EEEEE. freaky stuff!

Oh yea. my bag snapped. See the handle? Its dangling happily dwn there with no care in e world. I was walking halfway when i keep hear a “clang clang” sound. I looked dwn and, bloody hell, it snapped. -_- See, i need a new bag! hehehe, tts why baby is getting me one for my birthday!!!!!!! 😀

Oh yea, baby bought me poifull as well! haha, i was playing this real retard game with him, i will shake e box, he has to guess what colour of e jellybean will drop out. If he guessed it correctly, he can eat it, if no, well, i eat la. Turns out he’s such a lousy guesser, i eat until sian. LOL.

Has to end with a Narcissitic photo! toodles~