Thin? Too thin?


Guys, am i just thin, or too thin?

Cos baby has been a real nusiance since last night, going on and on hw too thin i was, and hw scary it is. He said i’ve lost weight in my arms, and nw that he mentioned it, my bangles are indeed getting looser! (its already v loose in e first place, i dunoe hw e hell it gt looser can) Friends, wanna lose weight right. Come GymKids. 🙂 cfm, will make u lose weight one.

But im sure the stuff tt i had for today made it all up already. I had 3 pieces of fried chicken and mee goreng. Each mouthful laden with calories. bloody hell. But B said i need to put on more weight/meat. By eating more (ofcos e healthier and right food). Hmm, think I’ll try.