Izzy, we had so much fun without you!


Met up w Jeanette after work to get nel’s bday present! Title is specially for our dear Butler to piss him off w e hope of him getting a stroke tt can kill him as well. 🙂 N i think jean look real sweet in this pic! hehehe.

I waited nearly an hr for jeanette cos her bloody bus was caught in a traffic jam! But i was happily walking ard, window shopping, and, erhem, buying stuff. *looks v guilty* by e time she reached e destination, i was famished. we had Pastamania, (thx Jean for e treat! so nice of you!) bitched, laughed and had tons of fun. We can have fun practically everywhere la. We laughed till we cried when we were at Action City, playing w ridiculous toys such as a Shrilling Cow and e toy tt goes snapping at your fingers. And Bob heads tt bob at a supersonic speed, which gets annoying after awhile. hahahaha.

At Pastamania, i had Aglio Olio. E taste is nt bad, but its abit on e dry side, abit more oil and i would love it to bits. (: we were quite heng cos we still get to enjoy student discount at 30% off! wahahaha.

Guess what is this. LOL

rotted at J.Co w 2 cups of ice cream (chocolate & lime, absolutely delicious nt to mention sinful) and this time, my treat! (:

Oh yes. N lin msged me telling me tt she saw Jasmine w Mark! LOOK JASMINE. UR FAMOUS! my friend can recognise you! HAHAHAHA.

i look v happy here, cos i am! always enjoyed my time w this girlie of mine!

Chatted till nearly 8pm, hugged, said our gd byes. N off we go to hm sweet hm.

Loots of e day:

i buy like im f*king rich with all e branded stuff right. but actually no lor, SALE mah! i poor what, need to kio this type of stuff one. oh ya, e heart there because i took a pic w something i wana give it to baby, its supposed to be a surprise, so i covered it! hahahah.

Chunky chunky bracelets! At e price of 13bucks for 2! what a steal la. orginal price for both was nearly 60. crazy lor, i wont ever spent so much on just accessories alone. i dunoe why i buy it also, but like what Amanda (Liew, 2008) said, “we this kind is stock up for e future lor!” or something lidat. LOL. yes, couldnt agree more. u wouldnt know when u will need it!

My super huge tee! (L size) i bought it for only 9bucks. i buy this for e intention of treating it as my sleep tee. n mum chided me for buying such a gd quality tee for sleeping. she loveees e quality la cos its real soft! well, maybe i will wear it out n look ridiculously small in it. haha.

e back. pardon for e beary beary bedsheets.

n a bottle of love capsules frm Action City! hehe damn cute! there a strip of paper w a small ring in each capsule! wrote one for Jean at J.Co n we were both damn amused by it, nt to mention, e paper is pink as well! comes in other colours.


while i was on my way hm, i thought abt what mingzhen wrote on her blog. like hw we can make diff choices in our everyday life to make it more meaningful n interesting. true, eh? like, i could have gone hm straight frm work, n continue watching UglyBetty like any other normal day. but i took e initiative to ask Jean out and turns out we had such a great time catching up! (:


i just have to load this up man! HAHAHAH. so handsome right?! walao, falling in love w him liao lor.