We love IKEA!


Love this taken in IKEA; mingzhen and wan said i look sweet! hehehe. Anyway, me and baby popped dwn to IKEA for dinner ytd but we end up looking through all the showrms and taking tons of pics and having fun in posing w e furnitures. wahaha. I LOVE IKEAAA!

There are new showrms in IKEA, and there are more to come! But so far, the kitchen showrms were really nice! But baby still refused to buy me my state of e art kitchen. He told me i must prove to him that i am worthy of such gd appliances then he will buy it for me! How? Through 8 tests he said, some include like cooking bak kut teh, seafood fried rice, and.. man han quan xi. Who e hell cooked that anyway?!

v obviously, he is totally enjoying the comfort of e chair.

haiyoh, my face so big! -_-” hahahaha look at his face! i dont know why man, e lil things baby do just crack me up like nobody business. and so far, he is e only one who is capable of doing tt to me. hehehe.

living rm! the showrms in IKEA r small yet fully furnished. which i think is great for Singaporeans cos houses are getting smaller n smaller so e design really can apply to our HDB flats!

He is v ah pek lor. he was actually knocking on e flooring to see e quality of it! “knockknockknock” leh! aiyoh.

I can so totally imagine myself nxt time lounging in a gd arm chair, just lazing ard in e afternoon, browsing through some catalouges and gg online shopping w baby’s credit card. wahahahah.

My thighs look fat here. Hmmm.. im seriously doubting ppl when they tell me im too skinny. it seriously dont look e case to me here lor.

Oh yes. we saw this chair enclosed in; with this machine keep pushing e chair w tt 2 planks. it exert some force to show hw gd this chair is. and its real good.. cos we found it in one of e showrm!

you see, he fell aslp on it. haha

This showrm is so granny-ish right! pink flowers on e sofa, soft big cushions with pictures of son, daughter in law and grandson. hahaha. n there baby is, pointing. but hey, look carefully at his finger! nt foul language ok! hahaha.

i was cut off cos im too busy laughing at baby. (:

Swee living rm, with chandelier somemore!

Taking my relfection in e pretty bedrm with that super comfy bed at the back! mygosh! its so soft la, with e plentiful of cushions and quilt cover. i love quilt cover, im so gg to get that nxt time!

baby’s attempt at self-shot, turns out real fuzzy.

totally slacking on this comfortable yet cheap sofa! haha baby said i look scary here; said my head looks detached frm my neck. *crack*


scary mary. us in a different themed living rm. this one is darker, using different shades of grey. but i love it. i think if i come hm to this kinda living rm, i really can unwind after a day of work.

maybe nxt time, i can also insert this kinda cupboard in our living rm ah. since i love books so much!hmm.. can consider. (i think baby will be even more stressed after reading this post, counting hw much it will cost to give me a hm tt i will like. hehe)

i can squeeze in this mini chair! wahaha. and yes, i wear shorts inside!

come to mama! very comfy, ofcos la, cost nearly 800bucks leh. LOL. woot.

n we found a dog plushie in one of e cabinet in e kitchen showrm. (baby thought its a cat, like, hello? which part of it looks like a cat?) he was damn sick la! he tried putting it in e sink, inside e oven, on e stove. WALAO! he asked me to take a pic of it in e oven but i refused to. LOL.

“baby.. pose like you know hw to cook v well ok..” and he gave me this. look like some ah pek posing inside his stall for some good magazine. but ah pek mah, dunoe hw to pose, then turns out looking damn stiff instead. hahaha.

woot! can flip somemore!

i dunoe y i pose till so ugly la. hahaha. oh well, nvm!

overview of my pretty kitchen! red and white marble top with an Island in e middle! I LOVE THIS! i want this! *starts chanting*

went to e toys section and we found a pile of small rats plushies. baby picked one up and did this. awww, so cute la!

B picked a cat plush and tucked e rat underneath e armpit, so, are they friends? or is e cat gonna eat him? hmm, go figure.

me w the 3 different rats! haha baby said i so greedy, grab so many to take picture!

i look like small kid right?! aiyoh, jialat. hahaha. anyway, see e croc? its carrying e young in e mouth! awww.

B with a super huge rat and a small rat! hehe so cute right?

w e famous IKEA heart! i think i grabbed till dont look like heart anymore. -_-“

e toy B is holding? is meant for infants and young tots. u can pull e neck, and there will be a song playing frm it! COOL BEANS! we keep pulling/pressing other plushies to see what kind of noise it will make. wahahah.

alright. END OF POST! peace out.


i’m working as a part timer now. i will be converted to a full timer this mth end/start oct. i’ve been telling you many times, even since before i took on this job, i told u all abt it, you were v supportive and asked me to go try it out.

recently, you keep asking me whether am i still paid by hr or when will i be converted to FT. i know ur being concerned, and u want e best for me. but seriously, you asking like that, i wont be converted to a FT earlier. and then you go on telling me to quit my job if im not converted to a FT any sooner, just cos i cant earn much money?

I know i dont earn much, but i really really believed things will pick up, we r getting more n more centres. i really believed tt i will be paid of what i’m worth. i am confident of tt. i also trust my boss; if she said she will convert me, she will.

so, please, stop asking me, alright? you’re just making me feel irritated, frustrated, and imcompetent. thank you v much. i know i dont earn much, i cant give you household allowance, i cant help out for e family. thank you v much. i bet, you wont have this kinda problem w ur elder-got a Media Deg-daughter right?