Tues w baby & F.S


love this sticker man. YEA! SAVE W WHALES! hahaha. (btw, F.S aka Funny Shit aka Wan)

so, ytd i was out w wan (ya,again,i know) and BABY!! 🙂

i didnt know baby lesson ended so late (6pm!) turns out, F.S’s lesson starts on 6pm, he asked me whether am i interested to go for a gym, then chilling session, i suggested we just skipped to e chilling straight away cos i dont think im up for a vigorous gym session. even though i am in need of one.



erhem, yea pardon for that shout out. just wana get my pt across. 😀 *grins*

lunched at KFC (i wasnt hungry, but i just give in to my fav. popcorn chicken la) and chilled at J.CO. again!

end world hunger! i donate money and got this ugly looking band which is anyway, too big for me. but i just wear it anyhoos. a piece of fat oily skin dangling on top, hoooow apt.

scary monster. *SCREAMS n runs*

say hi to MOMO. she’s gonna be my new companion to work now. she’s nw 2days old. and she’s dangling frm my bag most of e time. hahaha. she’s called momo cos she’s one emo kia. OOPS, animism, anyone? (damn it, i forgot e word “animism” and frantically msn-ed jasmine and lydia to ask! as usual, jas is away playing computer games!)

momo and me. xD

can anyone spell, S-I-N-F-U-L? we had iced choc and plentiful of donuts. ok la, nt that plentiful since i only had 1 and a half, but thats enough endorphins for e day! but haiyoh, J.CO no QC one leh! my iced choc is like drinking just milk, while wan’s is so richhhhhhh la! PIF. i keep sipping his here n then and i can feel a sore throat brewing. hoooo~

i told him i only wana take e donuts, but he insist on taking this picture. what to do? when wan wanna take a picture, he gotta take a picture!

smile. wah.. his face.. SHINY~ LOL. =X

my theme for e day is nerd girl.

  • specs [checked!]
  • messy bun [checked!]
  • casual dressing [checked!]
  • real lao pok watch [checked!]
  • pen and book in hand [checked!]
  • headphones over my messy bun [checked!]
  • all curled up on e sofa at some random cafe [checked!]


he is learning Qing Fei De Yi (brings back such memories man! i rmb, i was so crazy over F4 and that bloody idol drama, i watched e whole show 4-5 times! NO JOKE OK! and i wont get sick and tired of it! you ask me to re-watch nw, i will gladly do it for you lor, am i the only here? LOL)

anyway, he is SO bloody funny while he is trying to sing e song. he looks like a kid, you know kids? they love a song, they try to sing, they cant sing it, they mumble mumble, when it came to a part where they know like 2 words, their eyes lit up, sing super loud for that 2 words or less and revert back to mumbling again. or best, they will just anyoldhow subsitute words for it cos to them, it doesnt matter!


us with our skinnies!

so, came 6pm, walked to NAFA to find baby and F.S leave for sch. walao, his sch is like a stone throw away frm baby’s sch la! literally, stone throw away can.

met B and i gave him the lil surprise i got for him! i tied it so beautifully and painstakingly w a glittery silver ribbon, wrote him a love letter, and i forgot to take a picture of it. GAH. anyway, this is what i got him.

a spongebob for his crocs! hehehe.

and we saw this at SUNTEC CITY! initially, i couldnt really make out where is the front, and where is e tail. wahahaha!

on e way to B’s home! i look like i’ve flawless skin here man. but alas, its all illusion man. my dark eye circles are jialat like nobody business. i think i need to buy some eye masks for them!

see, my momo emo-ing like nobody business. hahahaha.

reached his ard at 9pm, and i’m still full frm my popcorn chicken and 1 and a half donut. like super full la. just had soup and a few prawns at his hse. hehehehe. and joey’s mum gave me e drumstick! hoho n B was acting all jealous. lousy actor!

and i had vodka at his hse agn. vodka w cranberry juice! his daddy offered me one lor! so it’ll be rude to reject his kind offer mah, so i drink lor. WAHAHHAAHA. so nice!!!

sending me back home! is it me, or is my face a lil tad too red? LOL

HAHHAHAHA. excuse me, this is not a unglam picture. he purposely posed for it one ok! walao eh, look at his EYESSSS!

v ugly here, but tts nt e pt. i was trying to keep myself awake on e way hm. i nearly sprained my neck cos i fell aslp (super fast rate, dont ask me y or hw) , he made a turn, n my head just kinda rolled to e side. hahaha.

cotton on having some mega sale agn! why are they forever having sale, anyway? but who cares! hahaha. i got all these for only 20bucks, yes, 5 freaking bucks each! TELL ME! HW NOT TO BUY!!!

the shorts were a size 8, but im a size 6, but i dont care la, so cheap, so wear abit looser also nvm lor. hahahah. 😛 correct anot!

i think i shd check out PS cotton on body! see gt sale also anot! i’ve been wanting to get those bloody cute PJ shorts!