He make my thursdays fun


isnt he like the sweetest thing? 😉 meet zachary, my handsome sweet lil guy whom i get to meet every thursday for 45mins. he simply just do things that melt my heart. like..

  • he will just grab my hand and finger locked it tgt with his lil small hand. awww. he will then placed it on his lap, and sayang my hand while looking at my way now and then with tt lil smile on his handsome face. can somebody pls say, awwwwww? seriously, my heart melt into a puddle when he did that.
  • he accidentally hit my leg once and i pretended tt its like SUPER painful and i “cried”. (love doing that to the kids) haha, he kissed my whole leg ok! all e way frm my calf to my thigh. and then sayang it. walao eh, where gt kids like him so sweet one?
  • he will just hug you, for no reason. and just nice, my butt is where his hands will lay. hahaha.


how not to love a kid like him?


ah! uploading and resizing pictures frm ytd gathering! super fun! stay tune for e pics and entry!