20th w IJKZ; loves!


FINALLY. i’ve resized all of e photos and PS-ed most of e pics! (i’ve to do tt cos most of e photos were taken in jean’s living rm and e light is nt warm enough for e pics! so i have to do whatever i can with my limited PS skills to add some radiant to our beeautiful faces!) I swear, lao niang almost died doing that la! walao eh! i have to use 2 sessions to do it. in e noon and in e night. but its all worth it! 😉 so, click below for more pictures (really alot of pictures), love, fun and details.

ps: i chose this picture cos izzy look normal in it. i’m trying to salvage whatever dignity she’s gt left in my blog cos there are alot of unglam pics of her ltr on. 🙂 (izzy, my evil face! hahaha)

getting ready to head out! aiyoh, see look so radiant and happy right. right after i shared B’s hokkien mee (his lunch) i had that queasy feeling in my stomach and turning into a merlion again! 😦 i was actually contemplating of gg back hm and informing them that i couldnt make it. but!!! i keep telling myself i’ll get better after i see them (awwww) and see izzy make her stupid actions. besides, i really miss them!

so off i go. from bloody jurong east to hougang. just imagine e journey!

(oh ya. e initial plan is they all come my hse for a feast prepared by my mum. but! bloody hell, last min, her boss asked her to work la! and its super last min can. like e day before, which is friday. i was frustrated w e last min thing [ i hate last min stuff ] and was racking where to go what to do [ somemore i sick can ] then, VIOLA! jeanette hse! Jeanette and family were so nice to have all of us at such a short notice! MWAKSMWAKSMWAKS. anyway, my mum is like wrecked w guilt and she INSISTED all of u must come to my hse for e feast, more details ltr!)

luckily i had baby with me, shading me from e sun, holding me while i sleep, basically, just caring for me. and finally, *cues magic* I’VE REACHED! hahaahha. it must be their fun vibes or something, cos i actually forget abt all e pain and just join in the fun! B noticed that too! that must be the power of LUURRVE~ (sorry hor, izzy, not just you, so u dont give me lecherous look)

hahahaha. order frm missy: “POSE WITH E CAMEL!” whatever missy say, e butler obeys. 😀

cheche, frank says this kiss is “for my fan, must tell her ok!” ya, said. hahaha.

but look at this poor camel, cant even stand la!

look at e legs! anyway, i was damn amused when i saw e camel amongst jean’s soft toys. im like, “is that a.. CAMEL?!” hahaha. its like v rare to see a camel plushie, isnt it? or, is it just me? hmm, nvm.

time for some monopoly while waiting for zanel to get her butt here!

cute stuff! so jeanette right?

ok, before we start off e game, lets take some photos first.

hahahahahaha! OMYGOSH. just look at hw jean, me and jas placed our hands in e same direction. and as always, butler, has to stand behind! i actually just thought of making him black n white but i think tts a tad too mean, so i desaturate e whole pic instead. can see me and jeanette are trying not to laugh; our face were a tad toooo tense. hahaha.

we stamping cleopatra! but my hand blocked jean’s face, bad shot!

another one.

izzy was whining abt her huge thighs and asked for another shot, and i went, “its nt abt the angle, its abt e thighs la, seriously” ahahaha. JUST KIDDING OK! we jsut talked like that, tts hw we show each other our love. we call each other/ourselves stupid, idiot, go and die, go bang wall etc. thats why we always said those who have depression shouldnt joined our clique.

look at this unique dice! its from Monopoly Millenium. it actually can function as a dice you know, which is surprising given e odd shape.

can you spell, s-q-u-e-e-z-y. jeanette called this, “animal abuse”

izzy, being izzy.

actually, during e whole game, i was feeling v uncomfortable, then when dinner time came, i was feeling even worse and jeanette asked joey to bua some ointment on my tummy. then i complained that joey hands usually were not warm enough so it isnt that comfortable. jasmine then volunteered herself as all knows, shes our heater! and they had a lil competition gg on, see who has e warmest hands. oh, right. hahaha.

check out jasmine’s turbo hands. you can keep hearing them ask “HOT A NOT?! HOT A NOT?!” and jasmine’s constant complain of, “wah, i very tired already leh!” hehe, thanks guys!

a spread! theres like fish head curry, vege, chix wings, crab, prawns. WOOT.

my fav; crab!

but i didnt had much for dinner. guess e ointment really works, i was stuck in e toilet for almost e entire dinner. baby keep checking on me, so does e rest. i think they were afraid i will just faint in there. hahahha. but i felt much better after i emerged frm e toilet! though it was still queasy, but nt as much!


zanel’s present! we got her 3 books, cos tts what she wanted! nel, rmb, finish, lend me! hahaha. jean’s mum tie that ribbon, talented la! its a real beauty!

nel with e present! her bday is just a wk away frm mine, so its like a tradition, we will just lump our celebrations tgt! hahaha.

then.. came mine. i was horrified/surprised at e same time. horrified cos.. well.. you just take a look hw its presented la k.

w sunflower *do lil flourish* somemore can! and a basket with pink lacey ribbon! i love it! but, carry it back frm hougang to jurong east! imagine! hahaha.

jean’s famous desserts! YUMMMMY! (:

while i was taking e picture, mark was actually in there one you know, but e picture turned out to be like that. HE IS REACHING FOR FOOD! jasmine! control your boyfriend a lil bit leh.

me & jasmine, always ready to take some pictures. hehe.

HAHAHA. OMYGOD. SO UNGLAM! ok, i was threatening ambert to del any of my unglam pic and then i proceed to scare him by telling him that nxt time when he wana marry zanel, i will be one of them who guard e gate! hahaha, fierce like anything right me.

(click for larger for grp pics)

the last is my fav! and the 2nd last, me and jeanette gt v worried cos frank gt a tad too quiet at e back, and we were thinking she might do something to us. hahaha.

me with the bow-ppl! hehs. look super small-sized here; sandwiched between them.

this stupid lecherous frank. i asked for a piggy back, and she gave me one, and she put her hands on my butt! RIGHT SMACK ON MY BUTT OK. where gt ppl piggy back put hands on the butt one? PPL CARRY THEIR LEGS, DAMN IT. feel so violated. T_T hahahaha. i was laughing and struggling at e same time. check out my face, dude. hahaha.

mark gained 10-freaking-kilo after he get tgt with jasmine. hw can anyone gained so much weight?! like omygod la. we were damn shocked when we heard it frm jasmine. i mean, we all can see he gained weight la, but 10 is ridiculous. JASMINE, DO SOMETHING LEH.

mark look nice w the bow, is it because of his round face? LOL. anyway, ignore izzy. she’s just being gross. like, izzy being izzy.


all having their desserts.

hi, baby! (:

butler doing e job. missy was there for morale support! and tts all tt matters right, butler? 😀

see? love love leh! hahahaha, i know im gg to regret posting this up anyway. hahahaha. AHH CAN SO IMAGINE IZZY FACE LOOKING AT ME. *shivers in fear*

and we play WII! tiring shit man that WII. even though its just moving of 2 sticks in ur hands, but its real tiring. but i shd buy a set for my own and let my parents play! so they can exercise as well! hahaha.

getting all ready!

check out their turbo hands! hahahaha. the ppl who were playing look really ridiculous but tts hw WII works la ah. we played Olympics; Gymnastic, Rowing, Running, Swimming.

i sucked in swimming lor. i cant BREATHE for nuts. my avatar keep drowning. hahahaha. and i just kept on laughing and let it struggle for breathe. but i swear, it was very funny, when only 2 of u are playing, and like e rest were cheering you on, asking you to “breathe!” or “faster!faster!” like giving birth lor. HAHAHAHA. me n izzy broke e record!


for slowest. hehe.

CLUEDO! fav game ever. surprisingly, izzy solved this round!

and e rest were playing PS3.

CHECK OUT JEANETTE! hahaahha. mai siao siao ok, ROCKER AT HOME LEH.


left jean’s hse ard 10plus; thank jean’s mum for her hospitality once again and bid our gd-byes. i think they were v happy to see me carry that basket and e sunflower all e way back to jurong east. PIF.

I LOVE IT GUYS, THANK YOU! hehe. many many loves frm me to you!

i actually wana blog in great detail abt my pink basket of love, but i guess i’ll do tt on another entry cos im too tired! it took me nearly an hr and a half to blog this entry! -_-”


ok IJKZ.

my mum cordially invite all of you to my hse for e feast tt we never had. she’s feeling v guilty abt e last min changes as well and she wanna make it up to all of you.

she die die also want ALL OF YOU to come lor, so ur better decide when if nt she’s gg to haunt me for an ans! and trust me, my nagging skills are only 50% compared to hers ok! she’s wondering whether 1st Oct is ok with all of you, since its a public holiday.

so guys, can? if cant, just set another date. no worries, my mum already said, she will tell e boss in advance tt she cant work on e date that we all have set!

izzy, happy right, you still get to sit with jeanette on e bus on e way to my hse, and get to meet ur fan! YOUR FAN LEH!


OMYGOD. tired. peace out.