20th w BABY



then it looks too huge to be true and i tried biting it and my mouth was filled was styrofoam. so i rejected him straight away. hahaahha. no la, that is actually his project. dont know why it comes in e shape of a ring though.


  • met baby in e evening for dinner tgt at Aji Tei @ PS. we couldnt meet earlier cos he’s got sch. 😦
  • i watched this super romantically funny korean variety show at hm and oh yes, Ugy Betty.
  • slowly take my own sweet time to prepare myself and waited almost half an hr for 502. got v irritated cos i hate waiting for buses. *flutter flutter*
  • was late and my babyboy is waiting for me patiently at SK jewellry. hehehe.
  • headed off for dinner straight away.
  • Oh yes, our theme for the day is : Jacket (rmb, he gave me a puma jacket for my bday? he said i must wear it therefore i asked him to wear jacket tgt w me)
  • but i appear in a tube top instead, i only wear my jacket halfway through our date. heehee.

say my necklace is nice! my towkay neo bought it for me! 🙂

we were given booth seats! but its quite strange cos both of us r facing a wall. but who cares! hehehe cos baby get to put his arm ard my waist! and we can take pictures tgt.

nice eh? he’s actually twirling the menu. turn out e effect nt bad. oh yes, i like e lighting at Aji Tei. very dim. (:

wah, desserts galore! but we didnt order any. cos we ordered 2 side dishes already, and as u all know, i’ve gt an appetite of a mouse.

tts hw he always put his arm ard my waist when we are waiting for food. i know most couples sitting face to face so there will be eye contact. but for me and him, we always sit side by side cos we just like to be w each other. wahahaha. easier for me to feed him as well? since i gt short arms? LOL

our food! yummy yummy! all 5 of them taste great; even for my coke float. cos e ice cream is (in my opinion) real creamy n smooth. and when it melts into e drink, e drink taste gd as well!

i rmb once i ordered a coke float frm Mcdonald and my ice cream melt into e drink. i had a sip and i threw away e whole cup. mind you, when i bought it, i was in i think sec 1. and e drink cost me nearly 2bucks. 2 bucks to a sec1 kid (at my time) is quite alot ok! to throw it away lidat mean cfm v horrendous lor!

baby had e curry rice and i had e set meal. initially i want e curry rice (baby offered to let me chose first cos i demanded its my bday and i shd be given privileges) but then i chose the pork cutlet set meal instead. haiyoh, curry rice taste better! LOL. (tts why ytd i had that when YM ask me what i want for dinner!) but my set meal is nice as well! (just tt i prefer curry!) see that small tofu dish at e side? it looks super gross but it taste super gd. 😀

Gyoza is something like jiao zi just tt its bread crumbs crusted. nothing will go wrong w bread crumbs crust man! i love bread crumbs crust! hehe. and the scallops is good even though u cant really see it in e pic ( i know, e pic look v unappealing ) i think e scallops is my fav. dish for e day. tts hw good it is. 🙂

baby 🙂

me enjoying e food! hehehe.

lets DIGGGG in man!

and we swipeee everything clean! WOOT. are we good or what? hahha but i know this meal dont pose a challenge for jasmine & mark la. i’m talking in joey & kaiwen level, ok?  B is eating e rice i couldnt finish; i mixed a lil of light soya sauce and e bloody gd tofu i mentioned earlier and it taste good man! see B, im talented! i want my ISLAND!

B requested for another shot cos he was not smiling in the first one. hehehe.

B settled e bill and it was 47bucks. I find e price reasonable considering we ordered quite alot, and it Jap cuisine. So, we walked around PS and i head over to cotton on body to buy a cute PJ shorts w e angbao money i got for my bday! HIAK.

i bought a stripey short and a long PJ pants. the long PJ pants only selling for 10bucks! OFCOS BUY RIGHT. will post e pics up in e “Gifts” entry.

i nearly buy this as well, but i couldnt find it in XS. e size i was wearing in e pic was S. too BIG!

then we went to e 7th floor cos B kept pestering me that we should go and check out the super magnificent and cool samurai swords, comic figurines and whats not. he’s so excited la! well, i guess i will be if the shops were like, Wetseal, VS, F21, TOPSHOP.. yeah get my pt.

super huge figurine. but e thing is, buy for what?! LOL. put at home and collect dust right.

B offered to pose as e victim of e figurine’s gun. But, a steady stream of ppl suddenly appear frm nowhere and he became super stiff and it turns out lidat. -_-” he was going, “faster take..” under his breath. look at his arms! dont even dare to raise high! HAHAHA.

PREDATOR! gross.

then B sent me off to home. it was still quite early actually, but since he got sch e nxt day, its gd that he can go hm early and rest, right? hee. n lucky us managed to get seats! do you know how lucky we are to get seats on 502 at night? n it started raining real heavily. all e nicer to slp on e bus. hee.

under my block! See, both wearing jackets!

cam-whored at the lifts landing. i love the 2nd pic! B look so cute with his bunny-ears hood and his buck teeth. heehee. *pinches cheek*

thank you baby for the wonderful bday; from ur surpise to e dinner. i was reading my bday blog post for my last bday, and in the comments you mentioned that my bday nxt yr (which is this yr) will be much better. indeed indeed, its much better! hee, thank you baby. MWAKS.