That big brown sofa


cool like anything right, like some music composer? hahaha! anyway, meet up w e guy abv today after what seems like a super long time. its more of a belated bday celebration. i got a stevie wonder CD (loves!) and a jap meal at Aji Tei (thats where i dined on my bday; e food too nice!) all thanks to e guy abv. hahaha!

i waited damn long for him anyway.

we chilled at Starbucks; basically just talk abt everything and anything. we have that kinda special power when we meet. we leave each other love notes on e Starbucks napkin! hehs. (B, dont think so much, FRIEND LOVEEEE ok) i was asking him to write it dwn and he took quite long to write it dwn. nt bad ah, write quite alot. 😉

many loves!


i know, still got bday posts delayed. latest by sunday! 😀 😀 😀