sberriedRRAIN! An online shop created by a friend of mine, just thought of doing some free advertisement for her!

I’m sure those who love shopping wont find online shopping anything new. like, DOH. For me, i love shopping online cos theres no need for me to squeeze w e throngs of human traffic and interacting w attitude sales people. haha! I get to learn frm my mum that meishen’s (e owner of sberriedRRAIN) opened an online shop recently on her own (shes only 17 or 18 only lor, CLEVER right?!) and i do patronised her shop once in awhile but I always didnt managed to get any, cos i was too lazy to add my email to her mailing list. See e price i have to pay? Cannot buy nice clothes la! But i added to e mailing list already! HEHS.

A few reasons to patronise her shop:

  • She gt this v cool credits system. Like if you join her mailing list, you automatically will have a credit, if you buy an item frm her, you gain another, once you gained 4 credits, you will receive a special discount frm her!
  • A constant promotion: a 10% off if you purchased 2 items at a go. Which i’m sure is quite easy anyway, its like only 2 items, not an unreasonable 4 or 5.
  • She’s ard e same height as me! So, for skinny and short ppl, this is a gd shop for u to go cos u can actually see e clothes will look like on you. No need to imagine hw e dress will look like on you! For tall ppl, well, just cover abit of e length, and it will be ard there la. LOL. its easier to cover it and imagine then to add in e length yourselve in ur mind and see hw it will look like right?!
  • Her clothes are priced cheaper than other blog shops. I know cos I have a super long list of online shops on my favourite lists “SHOPPING!!” so I do compare prices.

Like for this faux fred perry shirt for girls, I’ve seen other blog shops selling it for 26 or for 28bucks. You may think “only a few bucks difference what” BUT WAIT! If you add tt few bucks all tgt, it can get u another new top! Must learn to be more auntie, ok!

  • She is efficient and friendly. I’ve met SUPER stuck-up blog owners just cause their shops were pretty popular and there are alot of patronisers. But for me, even if ur clothes look gd, but ur attitude sucks, I wont patronise from you. If u really do gg to buy stuff frm sberriedRRAIN, you will know what i mean. She reply at a v fast rate, you will think that ur MSN-ing w her. 😉
  • She mailed out items quick and treat ur clothes w care.

She received my payment on thurs night, mailed it out on friday, and i got it during this afternoon while i was youtube-ing Star Wedding! (digress: yiming! i’m on ep15 already!) hahaha! i was so slow in answering e door tt when i opened my door, e postman was just a few steps away frm e staircase leading to e lift! Luckily I open my door at e nick of time. E parcel is wrapped w such meticulous care! Its e 1st time I’ve received my online items being wrapped so nicely and neatly. She wrapped till machiam like wrapping gift you know! But, i guess receiving ur new clothes is indeed like receiving a gift. 🙂

Quite a few reasons to go her shop to take a look right? 😀 She dont post up much variety per entry, but, its e quality tt counts, nt e quantity. 🙂

and this is e chiffon kimono top i bought frm her! Finally! I can strike it off frm my wishlist! wahaha! See, she’s only selling it 22 mailed. I’ve seen this blog which recently did a kimono entry special, and its selling 26 mailed. See e difference? 🙂