Unrealistic? Or just plain sweet?


Currently, I’m hooked onto this Korean variety show called “Star Wedding”. They randomly paired up artistes and in total there are 4 pairs. These 4 pairs they will be given different houses and each pair will meet up once per week to do the filming. During the filming, they will do whatever they like, or to accomplish whatever mission they were assigned to.

Baby told me that its a crap show cos there’s this man, Alex, and he was a real sweetie. He said that whatever I’m seeing now is just a show, it wont happen in real life, and that I should really stop watching these kinda crap so that it wont corrupt my brain.

Koreans viewers who were watching it also mentioned that Alex was abit unrealistic, cos normally, men in real life arent as sweet as him, as meticulous as him, or as romantic as him.

During an interview, the crew reflected to him e viewers’ opinion of him. He was silent for awhile and then he said, “I dont think I’m unrealistic, in my personal point of view. Did  I spent millions of dollars? (when doing all e sweet, romantic stuff)”

And, indeed, did he spent alot of money whenever he do something? No. He didnt. All he did was, he was very sensitive to his partner’s needs. Like for example, they were at the house’s porch and it was really cold outside. Sinae (his partner) was adjusting her skirt to cover up her legs, and when he saw that, he went in and took a small carpet, folded into half, and asked her to sit on it.

Another example. Sinae accidentally hurt her ankle and she was just merely holding onto her ankle, twisting it here and there, when he saw it, he asked hw’s her ankle? She said, its alright but he just kept quiet, quietly took out a pail, filled it with warm water, and carried it to e living rm to find Sinae with a towel, exfoliating salts, and lotion. He bend down, took out her sock and proceed to give her a foot massage. Did he spent alot of money? No, he didnt. He’s just a very observant guy and when he observed something, he will come up with a follow up plan. Thats all.

Another one, which is one of my favourite. They went for a picnic, and he brought along a children story book. I’m sure most ECH girls will know came across this book. It goes something like this..

“From top to toe, I love you. From the way you walk, from the way you talk, from the way you smile. I love you. I love you. I love you…”

I think this bk is frm a mum’s POV to her baby. Like whatever the baby do, or whatever he say, no matter, the mother will always be, I love you, I love you, I love you.

Alex read that book aloud to Sinae. Can you just imagine how sweet is that? No matter what, I love you. I love you. I love you. Does a children storybook cost a bomb? No it doesnt. At most around 10+bucks?

See people, those who are romantics, they are not being unrealistic. They are just willing to put in a lil bit more effort to be more observant, more sensitive and to think of ways to make e girl happy. They are just plain sweet.