today, i met up w amanda after work for some shopping at bugis street. she calls me e bugis queen cos she’s a lost bambi when we reached there. and when compared to her, i know e nooks and crannies well. ah-ha! and we both are happy girls cos we gt ourselves some loots!

i got myself this top for only ten bucks. comes w satin sash somemore can? ten-freaking-bucks hor. e heart cos i gt a shit face here.

Pardon e messy backgrd and teddy bed sheets. and i bought myself a belt! all thanks to amanda. -_- im nt planning on getting that design one lor, but e one im planning to get is too big for me thus i gt e same as hers. besides, our body so small, its more suitable for smaller belts!

if i wear a big one right, cover one third of my body already. wahahaha.

amanda got herself

  1. a skirt
  2. denim shorts
  3. belt

i like to go shopping w her! hahahaha. cos she can really shop as well! YEAHIE. i’ve found myself a shopping kahki!

[i didnt take any pic cos we both were super focused on doing we are good at: shopping]

bought these 2 ytd at DIVA. cos DIVA is having some sale on again! i bought e bangles and e necklace for only 15bucks can. how not to buy you tell me!


its amazing how shopping can bring ppl tgt. hahahah. imagine, me and manda have been poly mates for 3 yrs but we nv went out alone before. then, we get close cos we both were siao abt sprees and LJ shops and shopping!

see, shopping is good ok? 😛