Holland V's Settlers

 the below review is based on my own personal experience at e abv mentioned place on friday, 24 Oct 08.

i wanted to do a seperate post from jas’s bday thus this post. on fri, we all met up at HV’s settlers to just play, chill and enjoy e time tgt. it all went well, but, there were a few stuff we were unhappy abt. so, take pictures and blog lor!

before we start playing, some of us ordered some drinks to wait for e rest (me & jean! wahaha) to arrive. so after we start playing games, we just leave e empty cups at one corner of e table. in e midst of playing, e stack of cups fell off frm e table and its a super loud sound ok. cos apparently e 1st floor was momentarily quiet for tt split sec when they hear e loud noise.

eh, hello? correct me if i’m wrong la, but, if you hear such a loud noise coming frm a table less than 10 steps away from you, shouldnt you, as a staff come over and clear our cups immediately? i cfm gurantee chop they heard it. i know there is this button for you to call for their serivce, but, since you saw e whole thing, cant you just be abit more automatic? Delicacies in front of u, people ask u to eat, then u eat is it? gt fire, ppl ask u to run, then u run huh? HELLO, AUTO LA!

mind you, they are not busy hor.

1. happily sitting dwn at e table chatting w her friend. tt orb is her friend, innocent, so must mask away.

2. think using the computer checking some stuff.

3. dunoe going where.

frm e picture you can actually see we are super near to e counter. limbeh nv zoom in ok. so near leh, dont know hw to come and clear? baby, being e nice guy he is, PERSONALLY bring e cups over to e counter. cos i think to him, no pt calling and wait la.

deh, see e water on e floor?

and e board game is not in the best condition. look at e board! SPLIT CAN.

and there are alot of missing pieces. we initially wanted to extend an hr to play the game, but since e game is in such condition, we just end our session there and move on to another place.

when we pay e bill, there is this free membership application form for us. but none of us took it, (free leh, still nv take so can imagine hw unsatisfied all of us are w their service right? somemore, we singaporeans can) cos we reckon we r nt gg back there anymore! B told us to go to MINDS cafe e nxt time.

if any of you read and think that, “chey, nt big problem what” sorry lor, me and my friends we expect more of their service since we pay for their “services” or lack thereof.