Say "awwww"

Ytd, after b and i woke up and had our brunch, i was doing my work in e living rm and b asked me whether can he went into my rm to rest. 

of course he can la, that sweet lil thing.

so ard 45mins ltr, i finished all my stuff, i walked into my rm wanting to tell him i’m done, i saw this real cute picture in front of me.

awwwww. isnt that like the cutest? (: haha. have you experienced this before? you saw your loved one sleeping, even though u wana talk/go out/whatever w him, but when u saw him sleeping w such peace and cuteness, you just sit dwn there and looked down on him with heart-shape eyes. then you will go and ruffle his hair now and then, and you will lie beside him.

and normally, i will also fell aslp. LOL.

have to take a picture w my sweet boy!

its a v random post, i know. wahaha. more pictures filled posts coming up. things to look out for, my lovelies frm my clique! (: