keep smiling, keep shining

Stuff that make me smile/happy/anything that makes my mouth curve upwards;

  1. finally able to hit that high note that i’ve been trying for so long.
  2. just listening to children’s innocent conversations.
  3. catching up w friends
  4. drinking, wahahaha. 😀
  5. coffeebean’s ice blended mocha
  6. B appearing at my workplace to fetch me frm work and WITH a cup of ice blended mocha frm coffeebean. (if that isnt a hint, i dont know what is, hahaha)
  7. listing e attendace lists in neat alphabetical order; mild OCD can? i like certain things to be at a certain way
  8. how my collar bone look when im wearing dresses.
  9. sunflowers!
  10. SHOPPING. duh.
  11. choc chip muffins
  12. if i’m able to paint my toe nails nicely.
  13. doing handi crafts.
  14. able to clear e sofa in my living rm that is still cluttered w my stuff. (belive me, i really tried ok!)
  15. going to IKEA.
  16. going to IKEA and eating e meatballs.
  17. eating Subway with baby.
  18. KFC’s crispy chicken; thigh meat or drumstick.
  19. B’s kisses and hugs.
  20. when i got a waft of smell of my deodrant; i ka-pok B’s one, thus it reminds me of him.
  21. when i found out awhile ago, that, hey, my small blog actually has a steady amt of reader/hits/whatever you called it. e amt might be small in comparison, but i’m happy w e way it is. (:
  22. receiving my SPREE items!
  23. oh yes, getting my salary. HAHAHA.
  24. treating daddy and mummy to a good meal, or buying them stuff. i just wanna pamper them, they deserved it.
  25. bullying my sister. 😉 HEHEHEHEHEHE. NO LA, i love u k cheche!
  26. when i have a good hair day.
  27. when i dress nicely for e day.
  28. staring at Zac Efron’s poster.
  29. staring at Hugh Jackman’s picture.
  30. playing dress-up w my clothes.
  31. finally find out e title of an oldies that i loved so much.
  32. eating e mai pian in mai pian prawns.
  33. when B peel e shell frm e prawns for me. (:
  34. just bitching w my lovelies.
  35. feeling fresh and clean from e shower.
  36. after i shaved my legs; smooth mah!
  37. admiring people w nice smiles, tan skin, hunkilicious(my own word can? LOL) bod.
  38. calling yiming at unearthly hrs and talking to him till i feel tired, which i will sleep and he will be wide awake frm my call. where to find a friend like him? (:
  39. when B leave me a comment at my blog. i dunoe why, it just makes me feel happy.
  40. listening to his heartbeat, i have a bubbly feeling inside me whenever i do that.
  41. when friends unexpectedly asked me out.
  42. taking good pictures!
  43. if one fine day i struck TOTO or 4D. i know i cfm very happy one. CONFIRM.
  44. knowing i’ve complete e things to be done on my agenda.
  45. being able to sleep once i hit e sack.
  46. being chauffered around, and not taking e public transport. *looks at B*
  47. fat babies.
  48. carrying e fat baby, and sniffing them. babies got this smell on them la! i like.
  49. B will shower me w surprises like once in a forthnight.
  50. eating Jeanette’s cheese cake.


i swear i can actually go on and on and on. but i think its good to just stop at 50. (: