Itchy hands

 was remarking to sis that her birthday is apporoaching soon and i asked what she wanna get for her bday. she threw e ball back at me and asked what i intend to get for her. without hesitation, i replied, “clothes. i spree for u la!” her eyes lit up and nod her head, agreeing to my suggestion. so we start roaming around. we went f21 but nth caught our eyes (is it just me, but is their fall collection so not nice?) then we moved on to Aeropostale. PHWOAR. 2 for 15 sale.

and we each both got something. hehe.


left: sis right: mine

but of course, i will get something else for her la! shit. i just spree-ed agn. but oh wells, i dont think i will be shopping much this mth! cos i wanna wear all e new clothes i bought! i just wear them for a couple of times each! need to wear them out more often!