Back to those green, soupy days


wondering whats up w my title?

weelllls. i guess i’ve been pretty slacked for these couple of months w my diet and exercise regime. =X which prolly explains e soon-to-be-seen love handles and already-seen bulging tummy. i can have fast food for like twice a week you know! very unhealthy right! luckily my work requires me to use alot of physical strength if not im sure i’ve already ballooned to my previous weight. yikes, scary!

i’ve not been going to e gym cos for e past couple of mths, i’ve been falling sick and by e time my mum gives me e green light to go gym, i fall sick again. so, i kinda just didnt follow my workout schedule anymore. but but but, this wed, i went to e gym after work myself! and i nearly died on e treadmill. its really been a long time since i last stepped into my holy shrine and even though my body is aching after my workout, it felt good. 🙂 actually this morning i planned on going jogging round e neighbourhood but i couldnt wake up! hahaha. damn it. e weather is just too nice to sleep in! oh wells, will make it up nxt week! or tml morning! whenever!

but in e mean time, i will have just to watch my diet. less carbs, more protein! (i love carbs. how?) and less sugary stuff!

[ oh shit, i just overheard my parents saying that my mum is cooking my fav potatoe soup. AHHHH! ]

sugar is evil. pure evil. on e same level as carbohydrates. i guess i really have been slacking for too long that now my palate (spellcheck!) is v used to sweet stuff. have been indulging myself for too much! so, its time to do something abt it!

looking back, i seriously dont know where i find my determination to shed away all those fats and to just eat soupy, healthy stuff most of e time. kaiwen kaiwen! you can do it! JIAYOU!!! anybody else interested to have a healthy lifestyle? hehe. JOIN ME IN E GYM!!