A Love so great


I’ve been watching Channel8’s 9pm drama, Bu Fan De Ai and needless to say, Zoe Tay’s and Chen Hanwei’s acting are excellent (damn it, hw can someone so healthy act till he’s dying!) but what really amazed me is the love Zoe and Rui En has for their husband/dead boyfriend.

I mean, wouldnt you be torn? To find out that your husband contracted AIDS, an incurable disease which he most prolly get it from hooking up other women outside behind your back while he still proclaimed that he loves you etc etc.

So, you kicked him out of your life forever and leave him to wither and die on his own with no love, care and support from your part, his wife, his companion? Or you accept his mistakes and you continue loving him, taking care of him, and to be there for him?

Such a HUGEEE dilemma.

Last time, whenever there were talkshows on topics like AIDS, will you ditch your loved ones when you find out they had this disease, i will always have an answer readily popped into my mind and its a very definite, steady yes. I mean, you deserved it. You wanna hooked up other women and enjoy for that short moment, now you gt an incurable disease, all i can say is, serves you right. But after watching e show, dont know leh, sort of change my mind a lil on AIDS patient.

All Chen Hanwei’s fault la! Act till so good and so poor thing! Heart just goes out to him lor!

If you really kicked your loved one out of your life, will your conscience live with your desicion for your whole life? then you ditched your husband to fend for himselve, not giving him a hug of warmth and love when he most needed one?

Aiyoh, the Dilemma! What will you do if your in Zoe Tay’s shoes? hmm, i seriously dont know. hahaha, look at me! Finding things to occupy my brain! Tsk.