short update

just a lil short update on what’s happening and gg to happen.

  • i watched Madagascar2 w babyboy today at vivo! 🙂 pics will be up soooon. i guess. hehehehe.
  • tml is B’s monthly stayover! hooray! more loving, laughing, cuddling, pics, eating, having fun. WEE. cant wait cant wait!
  • im planning to have bananas for lunch tml. i love bananas! they are my fav fruits. i prefer those long ones. sounds so wrong here, but bananas only taste good when its e normal long ones! and not those cute lil short one. i think they taste funny.
  • this sun i need to meet mingzhen! for impt stuff! babe, will u be at ZC’s hse? JP fine w u?
  • lots of photo editing to be done. hahaha.

am soooo tired. gg to hit e bed soon. looooooooooooooooooves.