my mum's love

no worry, there’s nth to be scared of. after you recover, u’re gg to have e most beautiful skin. trust me. ๐Ÿ™‚

tts what my mum has been keep telling me whenever she apply e calamine lotion on my sores and when i keep asking her when will e itchy sores disappear. (the sores are really fucking itchy! but no! i will not go and scratch them cos to be honest w u, it scares me! yikes! all soft and watery inside. ewwww) she will blow on it after she applied e lotion for me and keep asking me whether am i feeling better. she washed my utensils for me cos she said i shdnt get in contact w water too much. she also brewed herbal tea for me to make all my sores come out in e first few days and specially bought some herbs to add in my bathing water, which is good for people w chicken pox btw. must boiled alot of pots ok! so its not easy at all to prepare e bathing water for me. she prepared meals for me whenever she could so tt i wont take in anything tt im not supposed to. even though she havent got her chicken pox yet she isnt afraid to touch me or get near me. but i really dont want her to get it from me. cos its isnt really fun. its fucking itchy. im so gg to die from e itch i swear.

she took such great care of me even when she is not feeling well herself. awww.