Countdown pls!

 its been..

4 days since i had chicken pox. i’m doing fine, just that on the 2nd and 3rd day, e itch was super unbearable and i couldnt catch much winks at night. very very miserable. and more sores are appearing and its scaring e hell out of me. but my mum keep telling me its normal but i seriously damn scared it wont go away u know?  (JASMINE! THE SORES WILL GO AWAY RIGHT?!?!) today i woke up feeling a lil bit better. which im thankful for. (: dont feel as lethargic and i even managed to munch on the baby’s biscuits my mum got for me just in case i get hungry. hehehe.

36 more days before i can eat stuff like chicken, eggs, seafood, beans, bascially, most of e food la. no garlic or even ginger ok. cos those stuff are considered unkind to e skin especially after a breakout like chicken pox or measels (spellcheck!) so nw my meals are super healthy w no garlic added for more flavouring whatsoever. only on 26dec then i can feast. still super long to go. urgh. but all for beeeautiful skin! so, must control! my mum is even gg to buy pearl powder for me! CONTROL KAIWEN! CONTROL!

12 more days before i get back to work and see my lovelyladies (shikin, i know u counting down! wait patiently ok! aunty w recuperating!) and kids. wonder whether e kids ask for me? hmmmm. bet they will forget by e 2nd wk. AH, KIDS! lol.

think i will be able to post a long overdue post perhaps tml or thurs? when i feel much more better.