Conservative men

somehow, i find men who are conservative quite attractive to me at times. no i’m not exactly a sucker for MCPs but somehow, there is this one trait that i absolutely lurrrves in a man. especially coming from a man whom i love.

he likes to ctrl what you are wearing.

girls, dont u just love it when ur boyfriend ctrl what u wear to a certain extent? or am i e only weird one here? hahaha. for me, my insides sort of glowed a lil whenever my babyboy told me not to wear a certain outfit cos its too “revealing” to him and yes, i can wear it, but nope, not for others, but for his eyes only.

i always feel so sweet inside whenever he said that! like just last night, i was showing him this scarf dress thats absoluteeely gorgeous w its boho prints. he take a look at it, commenting its nice n all but said that no, i shdnt buy it cos its too revealing. he said its low cut but no matter hw i see it, ITS NOT LEH!

but i assure you, he has no qualms if i wear like a super short shorts strutting in front of him at home. in fact, he enjoys it. hahaha.

sometimes i love to tease him by wearing something revealing in his sense (pls hor, his threshold for revealing clothes is damn damn low) and just see how he reacts. how he fussed over on im showing too much skin and how my shorts just covered my butt etc etc etc. ohhh, i love doing that. hehehe. i guess, whenever he said that, i really feel like i belong to him. and yes, to him only.