Past Life Regression


this morning, after i finished my bfast, i turned on the TV for my daily dose of Oprah. (yes, i’ve been watching Oprah for e past 2wks at home) Today, the topic they touched on was real interesting. Past-life regression.

 Past-life regression is a process where by a doctor/practicioner/therapist will put their patients through a process called hypnotise. From there, they will guide their patients through their past life memories and walk them through some of the most important part of their past lives, finding inkling between how their past live has affected their present ones. The doctor in e show, Dr. Brian Weiss, is apparently an expert in this field and from the show, they show us snippets of how they put skeptics through this process. And all of them were amazed by Dr Weiss and his hypnotising process and how it really helped them to overcome their fears in their present lives by finding out why through their past ones.

You know like how some people have very weird fears? Like fear of corners, dolls etc. Fear to such an extent that if they get near or just e mere sight they will have difficulties breathing etc etc.

There’s this woman in the show, she got 2 fears of touching her neck and sharp corners.

So, Dr. Weiss brought her dwn to her past life intending to find out what cause her fears. Turns out, in her past life right, her husband strangled her on bed and her head is like over e edge of bed, so when she looked up, she can see a sharp corner. ( not so easily can find e root of the problem, Dr.Weiss keeps touching her forehead w his 2 fingers and will ask her to move forward to see any impt stuff, something like, forward your tape. LOL )Of what, i dont know. They were talking damn softly.

So, nw Dr. Weiss know already right, he asked her to envision a sharp corner in her mind and asked her to keep looking at it in her mind. The woman was so traumatic she cried and cried and cried. But after e session, both of her fears were gone. She touched her neck and she’s so amazed that she’s able to do it.

Dr Weiss also mentioned that its not weird to find patients talking in a foreign language that they’ve nv heard, studied or learned of. And they can speak fluently ok. Like this Canadian Chinese lady, in her regression, she start speaking in fluent Hindi. (But Dr. Weiss is not the therapist, some other woman, they took this snippet from another show cos its too amazing) She said she saw a market in a lil village called Anji near e border of Nepal and India. And its in e 1930s. She lived in Nepal then and often goes to this village to sell her grains. So this NBC reporter started googling and search for a lil village called Anji but she couldnt find it. Her colleague, go and find a super old world map and true enough, there’s this village right at e place where e lady said. Amazing, no?

Thats nt all. The reporter decided to go over there and take a look at e village, whether is it e same as what e lady had described in her regression. I personally think e reporter is damn gung ho. hahaha. She reached there, and no, no market to be found. Its just a small rural village. But she talked to the oldest villager and he starts telling her how this used to be a market, w ppl coming over frm nepal to sell things and to trade. The reporter, was astonished by this and asked e lady to come over.

E lady while on her flight here, starts sketching bits n pieces of her regression, those she can rmb. And lo and behold, the stuff that she sketches earlier on, matches w e scenes in e village. Amazing, no?

Some of u may goes, well, its a show, they can ask ppl to act this out etc. And there are studies that says Past-life regression is just an imagination that the therapist will guide them to. There also also religions who dont believe in past life or reincarnation.

But, i do believed in such stuff. And i’m amazed and frankly, i wanna try it for myself. Who knows, i might be a royal lady or i might be a wonderful circus performer, whatever, i dont know! Hahaha, but seriously, would like to try it someday. 😉 Just think, those lil imaginations running in our head, who knows, they are in our minds for a reason, who knows, it holds an inkling to whoever we are in our past lives. Have u, ever thought of that?