Victoria's Secrets



hahahahaha. OOMPH!! e joy spree-ing can buy me! i’ve been eyeing this bikini for a few days and i was waiting for hazel (the spree organiser i usually spree with, cos she’s v efficient and reliable) to open a VS spree! In fact, i smsed her and requested for it! She kindly said she will open one soon and ta-dah~ she really did. hahahah. luckily she never dua me.

*clears throat*

wanna take a look at my pretty bikini? hehehehe.


NICE ANOT?! very sweet right?! i totally love e ruffles at e side, one of e main reason why i get it. and e bottom is side-tide, ooooh i like. 😉 which means i gotta go tone my saggy butt. LOL. so happy, cant wait for it to arrive in SG! nw im praying it wont go OOS cos there’s alot of VS sprees gg ard. *cross fingers*

and my itchy fingers starts clicking through the nighties section. let me tell u, i absolutely adoreee nighties! but i cant wear it at home! too bad baby dont have a bachelor’s pad of his own right, i can move in w him and then i’ll be able to wear it. hahahaha. here’s a few tt caught my eyes, and is kind on e wallet as well! cos VS has gt this mega sale gg on!





nice right? baby, pick one to buy for me for my xmas pressie! its kind on ur wallet! HAHAHAHAH. btw, the last pic’s model is my fav model in VS. cos her body is damn toned. check out her packs! her body is ssssssssmoking hot pls. im into abs, not butt or boobs. oh yes, legs as well! damn it, y cant my stomach have packs as well. LOL.

photo credits to: Victoria’s Secrets website