such a sweet surprise


So, ytd ard 5plus pm, there was a knock at my door. and i recognised tt rat-a-tat-tat. its baby! (yea, i know who is at e door just by listening to e shuffle of e feet or e way e keys jingle. smart right? LOL ) eagerly, i went to open e door cos i wasnt expecting him! and, when i opened e door w e widest grin on my face, he presented me w this bouquet of flowers, and my widest grin turns even wider.


my sweet, sweet baby.


and whats more, is my ever fav, sunflower *do action w my hand*! 😀 i wonder where he get it cos i know he’s been deepavali visiting at his JC’s friend hse. aww. you know how shy my boy is right? he actually finds it quite paiseh to hold a bouquet of flowers and this is e 2nd time he gave it to me!

the 1st time was when he was in e army for 10whole days, guess it has become a custom to give me flowers whenever we didnt meet each other for a long period of time? is that it? hahaha.


very very happy w my flowers. in fact, i squealed when i saw it la. LOL. and my parents thought what happen, but they had a knowing smile when they saw me w e flowers, perhaps remind them of e times when my dad bought my mum flowers? hehe. i got rudy complexion can.

we didnt go out or anything like that, cos my mum say that it isnt advisable to go out at night when my scabs havent drop yet. She say at night will have all e mist that will make my skin tai co. I dont know how much truth is inside this old wives tale but hey! I rather believe it can, nvm, just tahan ard a wk more? Ah, all for e sake of beauty.


awww. you have no idea how much i’ve missed him. really was super happy when i first c him at e door, after like 2wks? 🙂 my baby’s hug is still e same, still v warm, v nice, v soothing w his heartbeat pressed against my ear. i still feel v safe in his arms, like how his arms are just meant to hold me. and me only.


taken while watching Cheaper by e Dozen 2. nth to do mah, so watched tv lor, luckily still quite funny. but its OMG-ish when their dads tailed their chn when they went to watch a movie la! i was telling joey not to do tt if we gt a daughter nxt time, and she went for her 1st date.


very very happy. couldnt bear to tear off e pretty wrappings but i did in e end, i dowan my flowers to die pls! seperate into 2 bottles. My pretty green clear glass bottle for my sunflower. 🙂


sorry if i looked so ugly and unglam ok. hahahaha. my bandana was like way out of place, clothes nt tt glam either, but i like this pic alot cos, just check out e smile on my face. can feel my happyness nt? LOL.


mwah. a kiss for my baby. pardon his huge nostrils. 😀