Xmas cookies

Β cookies-collage

since last night, i’ve been clicking back martha stewart’s website, checking out e photos of their ridiculously nicely done xmas cookies and recipes. ah, i wanna bake cookies too!

you know, actually i’ve gt this huge-ass baking oven that allows me to stuff a whole turkey in (i got it through Vitagen home delivery reward system) but my parents just refused to go and get a table for it! keeps cpmmenting our kitchen is too small etc. my sis n i were whining on how it will just rot and spoil without us using it.

anyway, digress.

i rmb e gooooood old secondary F&N sch days where me,gloria,tingting and amanda (amanda and her brenden, still rmb she makes him do ALL e dishes. tsk. LOL) we have this stupid assignment tt makes us experiment w all sorts of flour or wadever la, to bake cookies.

we can even baked pastries and all and damn we were good.

alright, most of e time, but we were still good! and we looked darn cute with that checkered pink and white apron and milkmaid hairband. LOL.

now, 4yrs dwn e road, i’ve thrown everything tt i’ve learnt back to e tchers whom i dont really like anyway. but i believed i still got it in me, just a matter of warming my engines and all you know? last yr, i baked choc chip cookies for baby! you can asked him, its gooooood ok! hmmm. maybe i shall try other recipes this time round w my bitchy neighbour. and colour it with all those sugar coatings and wrapped it nicely! for baby, for his family, for my family, for my close friends..

yea yea, keep my dream alive! it will come true someday! πŸ˜€

anyone, got an oven at home? finding a baking partner?

for more mouth-watering cookies pictures and recipes, head over to here.Β all my pictures for this post were from there btw.