the day i spent 130bucks


today i bring my sis to bugis to her long-awaited shopping spree and boy, we really shop! i wasnt intending to get anything for myself but i got myself 2 tops and a bottom. but its for CNY! so its ok right!!! *trying to psycho herself*

total items got: 7

total damage: 130bucks. (buy so many stuff, its considered quite cheap le lor!)

wait, before i start posting abt my shopping trip right. i wanna post a picture of my huge bruise i got my left leg.


check it out yo! LOL. i got it cos.. i fell dwn on the escalator ytd! Haiyah, rushing for train lor! Then happily run up e escalator but i tripped and this leg banged on that sharp edges of e escalator. soooo embarrassing pls! but you know what?

after like 3 secs, i picked myself up, and continue to run up for e mrt. gung ho right? pls, stay there and let e ppl laugh at me meh?! LOL. was praying to myself not to have any scar, not to bleed and to my relief/horror, saw this huge orh cheh looking at me.

heng i was wearing my working pants and its like super thick! if not cfm bleed like siao. its swollen but i diligently applied Hirudoid (a super good cream for bruises!!) and by this morning, my bruise looked like e picture abv. what a klutz i am!



woohoo~ leow sisters for a shopping spree! note hw happy my sis is, ofcos la, sponsored one leh her shopping for today!! and she was complaining i took way too long to prepare to get out. i rolled my eyes at her and tell her how joey can totally take a short nap by waiting for me.

i rmb once i make him wait for ard an hr and a half. and he fell aslp on e sofa in e living rm. LOL. this time i only make my sis wait for half an hr ok! considered v fast le lor!


and this my dear friends, is my sister’s ever famous irritated look. see cheche, see how nice u look when u smile and hw ugly u look when u frown! so pls, smile more, even though ur like super irritated by me!!!!! 😀


faces of my cheche. think she is gg to kill me after she c her ugly pics posted up here. LOL. dont be ok cheche! see i love you leh, gt big red heart!!! and she v funny, after she took e supreme ugly pic (1st on e collage) she tell me,

i bet u cannot do a uglier one right!

i looked at her and goes,

you think i so stupid? using JI JIANG FA on me right! hahahahaha



hello hello! OMG. after taking this pic, i seriously think i have pa-jiao ba. Dont know e meaning? Go ask someone who knows hokkien la! LOL. die leh, how ah. If i take a picture real close ah, can see quite obvious leh. Eyes too small iris too big isit?


nearing bugis already!! nth to do, take picture lor. girls mah. hahaha. like boys will entertain themselves w PSP and itouch or whatsnot. we entertain ourselves by self-shots! a much cheaper alternative i would say.

reached there ard 2.45pm. shopped till 4.30pm. when i was shopping w my sis i nearly vomit blood cos she EVERYTHING also dont like. this one too frilly. this one material dont like. (even though its v comfortable) this dont like tt dont like! but luckily a couple of items still caught her eyes!

and here comes the loots of the day!!!!



and how could i forget, my huge huge shopping bag? such a useful bag to bring and use when on a shopping spree pls!


half-filled ok! hahaha, at our last stop, the owner of e shop give a very loud “WHOAAA” when he saw our shopping bag. and he still tell me to go and shop more cos its only half-filled. -_-“


i picked this top for sis! i love e turqoise colour and e details all ard e top!  It can be firty and fun and elegant as well. Very versatile top. think this is familiar? think you see it selling at some blog shops for 20plus? i bought this for only 10bucks. yes, 10 freaking bucks. go stab yourself if you bought a similar one at a price double of tt. LOL.  


and this dress is super nice pls! e pictures doesnt do e dress justice! throw in a belt you will look va va voom cos it will accentuates ur figure by alot. also, love e button details at both sides of e dress! and waist line is smocked. you can wear this dress for work or to a pub. material of this dress is good as well, this cost ard 20+ only. dont know e actual price cos i bought another high waist short frm e same shop and e total is 52! hehe. keep asking for discount discount!


and this is e shoes she got. damn comfy pls. 15.90 only!


and this is my fun&quirky high-waist shorts. urgh, pics doesnt do this piece justice agn! sorry la i know i didnt tucked in my top properly but i was too lazy to tuck in nicely! material is good as well for this and i really like e design of this. its actually dark denim blue with specks of yellow, initially i thought it was tiny stars, turns out its just.. specks. LOL. and this is gg to my CNY wardrobe! its actually a abit too loose for me but anyhoos, i got it cos surely im gg to binge during CNY right!

furthermore i heard frm e owner, he only bring in 3 for this shorts, and i like it. i wont be wearing e same bottom like everybody else.


my pink ruffle top! hahaha i plan on wearing this on the 1st day of new yr. my grandma will love it when she sees me! 10 bucks only!!! oh yes, i saw another design which is e same, but in satin material, and its not bare back. its more like a dress and its only selling for 10bucks. but i saw online shops selling it at a ridiculous 28 bucks or something.

i like this top leh, think i look sweet. LOL.


and ohhh i love this! i saw this somewhere online before and she was selling it for 28 bucks. didnt get it cos i think its too high a price for it. and i saw this!! 15bucks only ok!!! this is just such a huge top to wear if i wanna nua in a cafe w a close friend of mine, dont u think so? LOL.

or cuddling in front of a fireplace w ur lover, just tt, we dont have one.


and this top is for my dear mama! hehe, she complains her tummy look v big in this and i tell her to go on a diet. LOL. so mean right. oh yes, 10 bucks only as well. 😉


ok, now my blog post looks a lil too much like a blog shop, right?! dont leave comments you wanna buy my clothes ok. LOL, not selling!