when saying "I love you" isnt enough


all along, i always feel tt, sometimes, just by saying a mere i love you isnt enough to express e love you have for ur other half.  cos, after hearing so many of it, i dont know abt u, but it will sort of lose its impact on me. ya, i know u love me, and? lol.

and ytd i chanced upon this article in Yahoo abt hw to express love without saying it. and e author (i think some author holding a Ph.D or what la, forget already, or some expert in this field) said tt actually repeatedly saying i love you on a routine basis actually do get stale. (see! my feelings r correct!) what u can do is, do lil surprises tt dont need u to say it, but w e lil actions u do, ur other half can feel ur love for u.

some of e suggestions frm her was,

-picking up a small thing along when gg back home.

example right, like her fav. ice cream flavour, a CD she’s dying to get, a bk by her fav author. etc etc. but when u reach home, dont make it into a big hoo-ha, just leave it at a place where she can see it, and when she did, she will feel loveeeeeeeeed.

or like..

-leaving a love note at their pocket/wallet/wadever.

and dont ask stupid qns like, “so have u read e note i’ve left in ur pocket?” let them find it themselves! tt will be so nice right. imagine ur taking out ur wallet, then u found a sticky love note in it. aww. sweet.

something like that… on a random note, am getting stress. cos baby bday is coming!