An unexpected surprise

 Just when ytd, mingzhen and i were talking in MSN abt how we always want our boy to secretly buy stuff that we mentioned we like and surprise us, baby did just that today!



wanna know what he gets for me right? WAIT! let me blog first abt today, can? LOL.

B and i meet up at IMM today for a lil necessity shopping. I combed through GIANT to find a snack that i could actually eat, like no peanut, no eggs, no garlic powder, no soybean etc. and boy it was hard to find! but nevertheless, i found one! and damn, i was happy! HEE.


KETTLE CHIPS!! check out their title: Unsalted proud potatoes. you know what? i actually prefer this than e one i had at alan’s hse, boy tts was too saltish. this is really just a plain potatoe flavour, but it gt a nice texture to it! ofcos la, this is consider branded chips can, 4.60 for this hor!

and then we head off to Popular and Daiso, cos yours truly need to get stuff from there. i love Daiso can!


and here are my loots!

  1. huge ass box for me to contain my colour pencils! i realised i have like 3-4 packs of it, and i wonder why. hmmm. LOL. must be me always leaving them ard and couldnt find them when i need it, then keep buying, then one fine day, all of them just decides to show up. irritating. i swear they have legs to move abt.
  2. heart shape cookie cutter. comes is 6 different sizes. wonder what am i gg to do w it? LOL. dunoe.. just see its cute, and its pink!
  3. Sharpener. to sharp my colour pencilssssssssssssss.
  4. oh oh! mini forks for fruits! got bear, ladybird and giraffe shape at e top! aint that cute?

after finished sharpening all of them, i feel like im a childcare tcher. and e box feels like it belongs to somewhere in e art corner of a childcare. LOL.


and we saw lots of doll houses on display, so xmasy pls! all e dollhouse has a xmas tree in it! and their rooms are damn pretty! check out that pink themed baby room. OMG. i so totally lurrrrrrrrve it.



more pretty dollhouses for u to see!


hahaha! and i found baby amongst all e houses! doesnt look too happy to be caught on camera. lol.

ok, here comes the surprise he gave me.

2 weeks ago, baby and i went to Queensway to get his bday present, rmb? Thats where i saw this wooden horse necklace and i comment that, it looks like a piniata (spellcheck) cos its colourful! but i didnt get it, cos its 9.90 and it doesnt look like it worth e price.

then came this online spree which sells like farking cheap necklaces frm korea. like 3.90-6.90. nth beyond 6.90. baby promised he will get me something from there, but when he is free to go n take a look, the spree closed. 😦

and then.. just nw after he finished his subway.. he reached for his bag and goes,

i’ve something for u, but dont know u like anot leh..

and he gave me e exact same necklace which i liked at Queensway!!!!!!!!

awwwwwwwwwwww. i melt there n then la im telling u. grinning like a goof machine! he actually went to Queensway ytd to get it for me! 🙂


and here is it, im gg to take good care of this lil piniata! 🙂


thank you, baby boy.