a little surprise, from me.



you guys really think tt i didnt prepare anything handmade for baby??? hehehe. UR WRONGGGGG!!! i actually did!!!! I made a calendar + a mini story for baby!


right now as u read this post, i’m at joey’s hse, fervently preparing heart shape sandwiches for baby to surprise him when he get back frm work! (i already asked his manager to keep him at his workplace as long as she could. hehe.)cos this is a scheduled post!

I actually planned this gift somewhere 2 mths back, when i went to IKEA w glor & ting, and i saw this photoframe which can contain up to 12 photos and immediately i bought it, not knowing what to do w it, but heck, just buy first!

then came a few ideas,

  1. I’ll take photos (scenery, me, animals whatever) and then add a mini calendar by e sides, so it will be a calender!
  2. Just a calender
  3. A mini story, inspired by, “I love you through and through” a children’s storybk!

so, i combined no.2 n no.3 tgt and i came up w my v own, “I love you through and through”! Shall let u c e pics first aye?


I love you through and through. Inspired by: Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak & Caroline Jayne Church.

[ Yes, even though its a gift, i will still give credit to whoever came up w a fantastic idea first, i do not plagiarize and am not a fan of plagiarism. (: ]


Baby, I love you..


I love your smile..


I love your frown..

[ I really wish to upgrade my drawings frm stickman to ppl w flesh n blood but aiyoh, very difficult leh! My drawing skills nt tt good! Somemore, stickman are cute mah, hor?! ]


I love your tummy..


And even though sometimes you make me angry..


I love you through and through.


I love your fine hair..

[ I know he’s gg to complain i drew too lil hair over here! ]


I love your eyes..


And I even love your silly side.


Baby, you must always remember this..


I love you, through and through. 🙂


Perhaps this gift will look very simple to you, (yes it IS simple compared to e previous 2 gifts i handmade for him for e past 2 bdays but still, gt its difficulty lvl one ok!) but hell no!

Initially, i thought it will be as well. wahahaha!

I have to trial and error a few times on the wordings, from the lines, the title of the month, the calendar, the sizes of all of it, and still must ensure there is sufficient space for me to add in pics isnt an easy feat.

The bloody space for each piece is only 15xm x 10cm. VERY SMALL YOU KNOW!! n those who know me well, shd know hw big a space i need for doing such craft stuff right!


Check it out. See, its so neat pls! I’m like so proud of myself. Look at e wordings below e calendar tt explains all e stuff i did to it? Those are font 8. U go and try typing rows n rows of font 8, print it out, cut it and then glue it.



I even added in all his family members’ bday!! Mine included. hehs. 😛

CONCLUSION; im damn proud of myself cos i just finished it like, this evening! Cos i was too busy w work stuff and whenever i have nth to do for work, i’ll be too tired to do all the cutting n pasting!

If ur interested to make a calendar w a personal touch can come MSN me. 😀

But those w fat fingers and lousy fine motor skills shd notattempt to do it. U’ll just end up w sticky fingers. LOL.