20 dec 08

Β dsc01918

Guess where are we heading to?


Can see already? Its JP!!! OMG. its like super packed pls! we have to wait quite a while before we can go in and find a parking lot. Why? All becos it opened up a new huge wing therefore everyone is floooooocking over there to check it out.

And no, we didnt go there to join e crowd. We go there so I can collect my logcake that i ordered for baby’s family! But ofcos i buy some stuff here n there as well, xmas exchange tml w colleagues, and present for mingzhen! πŸ˜‰


And he, is e driver of e day! YEAH, happyness! i love it when i no need to take public transport! hehehe.


My wrap i got frm letter-J. i like it! πŸ˜€


Can you see my pinata? πŸ™‚ BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to my horror of horror, later at night when we were at walawala, i realised e ribbonΒ went missingΒ you know!!!! 😦 and i couldnt find it!!! AHHH. SADNESS.


I like to put my hand on his lap when he’s driving! A habit i cultivated ever since he starts to drive! Hahaha, i dont know why, but i just like it! And sometimes when we stopped at a traffic light, he will place his hand on mine and then when its green light, he will continue driving agn. LOL.


hahahha, check out baby’s face!


ohhh yes, i prepared a small snack for me for e day! just in case i got hungry. πŸ˜€ cute? but cant really fill u up if ur hungry leh, just that it looks nice lor. such a bimbo, i know.

and baby is sweet sweet that day!

we were walking past Anderson’s and then i told him to get it so i could niap a few bites frm him. He said dowan cos he nw on healthy diet (he’s been gg to e gym, swim, badminton! PHWOAR.) and then we walked off, me sadly. LOL. then after walking 1 big round, we came back to Anderson’s agn, and you know what? HE GO AND BUY E ICE CREAM LEHHHHH! somemore in my fav. flavour somemore, ohh, my sweet sweet boy.

all because her tam-jia gf wanna niap a few bites. πŸ™‚


hehehe, my gentle-boy. complete w bowtie can!


i’m trying to take a pic of e cup, and at e same time, he’s trying to feed me. oops! hehe.


Anderson, yum yum! πŸ˜€


And this is e logcake i gt for them! Prima deli, hmm-hmm. i think their cake is better than Bengawan Solo. But i still dont know abt e food poisioning thing, they like nv announce anything jiu re-open hor? Anyone knows?


Black forest logcake! Spot Mr.Santa!! hahaha, so short n stumpy leh this santa claus. Oh, i dont like their deco! Too lil already! I like my cake to be overfilled w deco cos since young, i like to keep those nice ones! But i always throw them away afterwards la. LOL.


baby’s boss, claudia, gave me n joey couple mugs! Hw cute can tt be? And hw sweet of her! Cute right, put in styrofoam box.


and e lid of e mug still says, “BRIDE” hhahahaha! SWEEET!


and baby bought me this! huge roll of ribbon stickers! I love new JP wing la cos there’s ARTBOX nw, and another stationery shop which sells ALL E STATIONERY STUFF FRM KOREA U KNOWWWW!!!!! woooooooot. one fine day i shall convince jeanette to come over here, we can get stuck in both of tt shops for a super long time. hahahaha.

ciao~ off to call up centres~