Furry friends


check out all my furries. 🙂 all 3 in diff shades of pink! HAHAHA! 1st one, is momo, he’s hanging on my bag. then my new addition bought ytd, cheer bear! hang at my hp pouch, and my sealy w identity crisis (still thinking its a rabbit), at my pencil case. oh ya, my pencil case is at e exact shade of pink can! LOL.

a lazy noon spent at delifrance bistro located at CWP.


we ordered e set meal, plsu gst and all those crap, only 10 bucks per pax. cheap like anything can. but serving is v small, so if ur a big eater then dont order it. 1st up, soup! shikin tell me e thing she looks most forward to when gg restaurant is e soup can?! weird right?! i cook for u la! u pay me e money!


ugly main course and our dessert. we were telling each other hw we can make e presentation of e main course more appetiziting by just a few simple adjustments.

  1. smaller plate la! stupid.
  2. use baby carrots instead of pathetic carrot slices.
  3. put in broccoli as well.

sounds better right? but i must give credit, e quality of e fish nt bad. n its breaded! anything tts breaded has already won over my heart by 50%. hahaha.

dessert is mango cake! i scrape away e cream cos no mango for me, n i just had e vanilla sponge. me n kin feel strangely full after e dessert. what they put in there?


specially for mingzhen to see! deh! my bag tag! hee, cute?


my cheer bear, aint it like, e cutest? i keep smiling to myself when i c her can. and i like to touch her fur. hehehe.


n she made a new friend! w kin’s funshine! but her funshine, is dirty and smelly. hahhhaha. ok i add in e smelly part myself. mingzhen, wheres ur harmony!

ciao~ still editing xmas eve pictures! alot pics to edit! stay tune~