Squeamish ones;turn away!

you have been warned. if you’re e squeamish type, DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT click to read more.

Below is a video on a doctor extracting e larvae of a bot fly from a girl’s neck. It’s extremely gross and i screamed my lungs out when my sis showed me last night. Just think of sharing it w u guys, hw sweet of me, right? 🙂

Ready for more? Here’s another one! This, they have to use a pincer to pull the larvae out! Oh my gosh! Bloody gross pls!

Damn scared right? Wondering what e hell is it right?!

This bloody creature is actually a bot fly, whereby the larvae live as parasites within e body of mammals. Sometimes they will deposit e eggs in a host body, like a mosquitoe, so when mosquitoes sting you right, e eggs will be transferred onto your body!

Its a parasite, thus it lives on your cells, therefore, u can see all those holes on e body. So scary right?!

But not to worry, this kinda flies dont live in SINGAPORE! WOOHOO! I LOVE SINGAPORE! HAHAHAHAH.