New Investment


I’ve developed a love for reading since I was a young girl. It all started with my hardcover Gnid Blyton! Then it slowly moved on to Sweet Valley series, Babysitters Club when i’m in primary sch. Cecelia Ahern, Sophie Kinsella, Nicholas Sparks when im in sec sch, and am still a fan of them! Nw i’ve started to read James Patterson and other motivational stories which inspires me and make me feel more appreciative of whatever i have.

And hw can i ever forget, my Harry Potter series?

I was at Vivo’s PageOne today and was scouring through the bookshelves for gd books. I like e idea of finding out that my fav author gt a new book and will be v excited abt it. Like recently, Cecelia Ahern gt a new book just for xmas! I love her can.

I’ve nv buy books cos i always think its such a waste of money. Thus i always borrowed it from e library. But when i come across some really gd ones, i always feel like getting a copy of my own.

Since i’m working nw, i shd set aside a portion to buy bks right? Start on my mini collection, and filled my shelves w them. Hmm, maybe i shd go and be a member of PageOne.

im ranting, guys. haha.

Anyway, if i really wanna buy books, im so gonna buy e Twilight Saga. hahaha!