Happy New Year!!!


how do u spend ur new yr, friends? 🙂 well, i spent mine with baby&family! his parents treat us to a sumptous meal of buffet, then we head over to party world ktv for karaoke session!

*holds onto e mic n dont let go*


Initially wanna go CSC clubhse, or TopOne ktv, but all were fully booked man! thus we have to go like partyworld, such an exorbitant priced place!


and they still give us those party thing, w poppers, mask and all blow whistle thingy. hahaha.


b and his family. 🙂 real nice people. e frequency of me gg out w their family is way higher than me gg out w my own family can! oh no. something abit wrong here. lol. but what to do?! my dad must sing on wkends one, and my mum will join him. and my sis n i will be ditched at home.

but, i will join joey n his family.

then, left my poor sis, ditched at home. EVERYTIME LIDAT ONE LOR! so poor thing! LOL.


half of my face cut off. urgh. nt just this picture ok. i took alot of pics today w only my face half taken. why ah. new yr comes, my skills all gone?! OH NO.


chenghan n uncle were singing American Pie. i swear, tts a superduper long song. uncle gave up halfway. hahahaha. chenghan just keep on singing. and singing. and singing. whenever i wanna get ready n clap right, another verse will pop up leh! -_-


Raymond dropped me a comment in FB, asking me not to pose like this ever ever again cos its very ugly. LOL LOL LOL. aiyoh, take pics must have variety mah!


this guy, who speaks with such a base voice, when he sing.. PHWOARRRR!!! his voice is like so high pls! he can sing Mona Lisa de Yan Lei. like hello, tts like hw high pls?

a very fine example of differences in talking and singing voice. ah, i cant even reach mona lisa de yan lei i think. 😦


aiyoh baby, why sing till so shag? *sayang* lol.


uncle and auntie. v loving one leh they, walking on streets still will hold hands etc. when watching movies as well. sweet. 🙂


baby and i. managed to squeeze most of my face inside e picture. hehe.


emo emo emo. when he smile for pictures, he reminded me of one of my sweets in Joy Mont; lucian wee! all e want-smile-but-smile-lil-bit kind. haiyoh!


oh yea, baby cut his hair! 🙂 its nice, especially when he finally decideds to use hair wax/clay/wadever to setto his hair. handsome boy leh. MY handsome boy. 😀


supposedly, my face shd be in one la. but my face again, cut off. and my eyes look a tad scary here. thus i just crop away my whole face lor!


i seriously think, my hands too short, tts why.


baby took this picture, if u take a look at dis picture, will u even think that me and him are of e same age? like, seriously!


me & auntie. 🙂 she dont like to take photos one lor! cos she will complain her face looks v fat in photos. lol. nono, she looks nice to me in this one. i told my sis once, even if really nxt time gt other guy woo me, one of e thing i will consider is, will his parents be as nice as joey’s one.

whoever say love is a 2 person affair are bull shitting.


the TAY brothers. i thought of forming a grp, called the “TEHTEH BROTHERS” and let them sing at Ge Tai. ofcos, all profits is all into my pocket. 😀


i cut my hair; and im loving this new camisole-ish top i got frm Giordano! damn comfy pls. and i like e lace lace trimmings.

more karaoke sessions pls!