I shopped in kids section!


and yes i did went to alot of places today! AnchorPoint, IKEA, Queensway shopping centre, Vivo, and Clarke Quay!

and tt my friend, is e print of my newly bought long sleeve from OldNavy! and no, OldNavy didnt set up an outlet here, is from FOS! i find FOS a gd place to shop for american brands, sometimes there are real nice ones, and its cheap too!

i found this at e kids section. heehee. i think, for real young ones, cos all e clothes in tt section are all baby clothes, so my guess for this is catered to age ard, 6-8?  angmoh ppl big size can! 1st time, i can fit a size L so snugly. hoho!


u see, fits me just nice right? 🙂 and this only cost me 12.90 which makes me even happier. and its in blue. v rare colour for me to get cos i only look gd in certain shade of blue, like darker ones. luckily this is of darken tone!

oh yes, i gt dis frm AnchorPt’s FOS outlet.

when mingzhen return frm HK, im gg to have like, 3 new long sleeves? hoho, and here i am, buying long sleeve! and this cute girl of mine called me frm HK today! and start giggling once she heard my voice. -_-” lol nxt time ask ZC call! i wont know its him! den u can surprise me! hahaha.

We then head over to IKEA for our late lunch. MY MEATBALLS! FINALLY! but i saw this caucasian lady who was really rude in her actions and her words. It was very crowded when we were dining there and when we found a table, joey went to get e food and i was sitting dwn, reading Marley & Me.

then suddenly, a kid w blonde hair was staring at me frm e opp side of e table, and his mum was telling him to sit still and dont move abt, she will get more chairs. and she start dragging chairs frm all directions without even bothering to ask whether is it taken etc.

i told her NICELY,

sorry, but this table is taken.

and i add a smile ok. limbeh quite nice to ppl one hor.

and she stopped in e admist of pulling chairs, shrugged her shoulders, and goes,


like HELLO?!?! u can be more rude lor! she then proceed to plonk her kid on e table nxt to mine (3 tables were joined tgt) and she agn, pull chairs frm all over.

she’s sitting in the middle table, while im seated at e 1st one, 2 kids were sitting at e last one. this small girl, aged ard 3? then tell e lady,

no no this seat cannot! my mummy sit one!

then she tell her ur mummy can sit at another chair! but afrerwards i saw her mum’s bag still on one of e chair, so i thought, shd be alright. enough chairs anyway. then ltr right, e dad came along, and i realised, oh, so e chair was for her husband!

and i hear the british couple (v distinctive accent) going,

oh, so e chair was really taken.

tts wad her husband said. then u know what e angmoh lady did?

she shrugged her shoulders agn. what the?

ahh anyway. i saw Darren Lim (is it?) and he’s cute! heh. 😀 tanned n muscular somemore. i like~ then we head over to Queensway. i tell u, my batt is flat ok! cos i did abit of spring cleaning today. wah hell. housework is tiring pls!

after walking awhile, sweet baby then suggest to go over to Vivo and rest at coffeebean, to let me recharge my batt. 🙂


and i saw this outside Vivo. see the blue box? can move one leh! reminds me of a ride in Science Centre when i was damn young. lol. and i think its free cos the Q is long. i feel like sitting can! like damn fun.


my cute eeyore plaster for my hugeass blister.


i think i have a love/hate r.ship w him. there r some qualities in him tt i aboslutely cant stand, and some that i absoluteeeely adore. haha! like hw he can be so sweet to me out of e blue by suggesting gg coffeebean for me to recharge cos he knows tt im tired.


and then we head over to Clarke Quay w his parents to catch his cousin’s performance. His cuz is a busker! Cool eh?


him seriously strutting his instrument. a very unique instrument orginated frm the America. you can head over here to find out more, abt e instrument abt e origins etc. 🙂