the day i walked away


have you ever tried walking off without notifying e ppl ur with cos ur so freaking angry at them?


i did. LOL. was talking to mingzhen last night over MSN n we were sharing different stories tt happened in our r.ships. and i was sharing this story w her. looking back now, it seems pretty funny. hoho.

Alrightys. (this story is gg to be a pretty long one i think, only continue if you kpo enough to find out more)

long long time ago, i forgot hw long ago it was anyway, baby and i were at Shu Cheng, you know, the building beside the national library at Bugis, it has artfriend in it?

We were there cos baby need to get some stuff done for his proj i think, looking for materials buying them etc.

We were abt to walk out of tt building when a guy approached Joey to ask him to kindly donate to e yellow ribbon proj. Call me mean or what, but i dont donate to such stuff on e streets. Cos half of what i’m paying will go into their pay, correct not? And, hw reliable it really is? It might be a scam for all you know! I rmb if you donate, they will give u a toy of your choice, and they have like this huge sack w them! E toy is those hp accessory stuff.

I know my boy is one kind hearted boy thus i tried pulling him away by walking the opp direction but HE, stood there, and proceed to donate to e guy. 10 bucks ok! not those 2 bucks 5 bucks kind. 10 bucks hor.

E guy turned to me, asked me what toy i want, i turned to face him, shot him a look, and turned away. LOL LOL LOL. i’m one fine example of showcasing my anger to everyone if something or someone pissed me off. i dont care who you are man!

So joey just anyhow chose one and he tried to give it to me but i refused. limbeh is how angry can! wah, im telling you, fuming lor! and why am i fuming?

Cos i xin teng him what!

Do you know my boy is a v poor student, cos he pay everything himself? And do you know how fucking exp those art materials can get? Drawing block, markers, is all different frm our normal kind one you know! And much more exp u know! He literally have no savings most of e time cos of e huge load he got to pay for his sch work. And there he is, giving 10bucks to some dubious guy, holding a sack of toy and a piece of paper, claiming he is from the Yellow Ribbon Project.

come to think of it, why come to such a dead building? why not head over to bugis, which is so near, and where there are throngs n throngs of ppl?

And then, he told me thats his own money, and he want to donate it to the guy. -_-” tell me, you listen already, you will pek cek not. lol. like i dont know its ur own money? like i dont know you can do whatever you want w it? I know all these! heck, if he is just a normal friend, and a friend of mine donate right, i wont even care lor. i will just proceed and laugh at them and then i will list dwn e pts which makes the whole charity thing super dubious.

i care, thats why i tell him all these. he is super poor, pls, save whatever you can!

We were super pissed off at each other, we were not walking tgt and he was either walking super fast or slow. Then along e way, he tried giving e toy to me agn but i keep refusing it. So angry still give me e thing to remind me you give out that 10 bucks isit?!

I rmb, we were along e stretch of roads leading to P.S (bugis n PS are of walkable distance!) and then he just walked over to a huge dustbin, opened it, and THROWWWW e toy inside! i cannot ctrl myself lor, i literally scream at him can!

what you doing?! why lidat waste your money?!

and he screamed back. LOL.


and then he turned away and walked super fast. actually if hor, if i cool dwn afterwards, and he gave it to me, i will take lor! LOL. but he ah, dont know hw to catch e timing of my mood one. my cheche can do it v well! tts y i hardly stay angry at her, actually, i v easy to cajole one, if you can catch my timing. LOL.

ah digress. here comes e good part.

i dont know why, but im fuming mad. mianly cos i feel unappreciated. i know guys cant take nags. but i cant help it, cos he like so gong gong then kana con by ppl!

so i make sure, he is far away enough, i turned and walked in e opposite direction. i switched off my handphone, and went to the national library and proceed to read a book.


half an hr ltr, when i switched on my hp(see he got call me nt LOL), my hp vibrate non-stop and when it finally stop vibrating, i gt a shock of my life, 100++ miss calls from him!!!!!

and then his call came in agn, and i rejected it. but he keep calling and i finally picked up. he sound worried sick man. he told me to stay where i am and he will come n find me.

he walked over to P.S and find me actually, and he is so desperate he dont know where to look cos my hp is switched off. he even think of gg my hse to check c whether i am at home!

hehehehehe. ah, my colourful love life. LOL. 😛