Fly me to the moon


Last night, over the phone, baby asked me, why i wanna go overseas so much?

The ans is v simple, cos I didnt go overseas for nearly a decade. for 9 freaking long years.

Yep. Thats right.

I’ve also never been on a plane throughout my 20yrs of my lifespan (not 21 yet, besides who know, i might die tml) mainly because my family’s finance status simply doesnt allow us to have this sort of recreation. So whenever ppl start talknig abt hw awful airplane food is, i will go, hw awful can tt be? lol.

I rmb once, i heard someone (i forgot who, seriously forget, seriously if i rmb i will write e name dwn here) said,

20th century leh! who never sit on plane before?!

I was offended. Cos I, for one, never sit on a plane before, dont say me la. My dad, nearly 50 yrs old, spent all his life working and slogging, also dont have e luxury of sitting on a plane, going overseas and to enjoy life! Friends, dont take these kinda stuff for granted, you might have it, but for others? Perhaps not.

Thus, my new year resolution, to bring my parents overseas by 09 or beginning of 2010. I wanna give the best to my parents cos they always give the best to me. I dont blame them for not being able to bring us to travel overseas cos I know, my sis and I will do e job for them, we, will bring them go to other countries and enjoy life, all expenses on us. 🙂

Even though my mum been on one before, its a long long time ago, before she had me. And it was only to nearby country, Indonesia, if i didnt rmb wrongly. And to say e truth, my heart will kinda ache whenever i see how my parents have to work, really labour work ok.

Therefore, since now im working, and i have a bit of a spare cash with me, i really wanna just go overseas and see people, scenery, buildings frm other countries I wanna let my parents have e privilige do it as well. Cant wait to save up enough to bring them to Taiwan!

So peeps, if you are able to travel overseas once in awhile, count your blessing alright?

Tts why i always tell mingzhen, “ur blessed!” lol.