Of Photoframe and a daddybear.


now now, lets kick start e post w photossss and a huge photoframe k?


last night, after dinner w my family, i decided enough was enough! i, leow kaiwen, must do something to that lone huge ass photoframe tt is resting at one corner of my living rm!

I didnt buy it to cllect dust! I bought it to preserve and keep good memories inside! YES! I shall complete what I’ve started!

So with determination, i set upon e task, and v quickly, i came across my first obstacle- removing e wrapper. HAHAHAHAHA.


So, as usual, my cheche to e rescue! 😀 Nvm tt she’s sitting v tak-glamly in this picture, concentrate on e good she’s doing for me!


I developed manymanymany photos quite some time ago, and i realised i developed a tad too much. Thus i have to just randomly picked a few for this photoframe, but i will buy more frm IKEA! to put more photos!


DONE! IJKZ, can u guys spot ur faces?! hahahah!

I actually prepared stickers to decorate it but when i take a look at my finished product, i realised, i dont need stuff to beautify it, its pretty enough w all my loved ones faces!



there’s like 2 lil pins for e frame to hold it up? and i have no idea hw am i gg to do it when there’s like no holes etc for me to insert this pin in. my dad took it over and just spinspinspin e thing into e wood lor!

such is e wonder of dads.


But i must say, it looks like you must have enough strength so you can poke through e wood?


hehehehe. MY DADDY! i so lovelovelovelove him!


hahhahahah! MY SISTERRRR. she posed this for her contact picture! hehehe she’s so gg to kill me if she saw this picture in my blog.

see i risked my life to blog ok people! LOL.