Your boobs wont feel painful meh?!

So today i went shopping w amanda-yes again! like e 2nd time i’m seeing her for this wk! haha.

We were at far east when amanda pointed a girl to me (discreetly of course!) and when i take a look, hahahaha, i have to stifle my giggles and my facial expression.

Normally, when you wear those belts w elastic band, you will wear it somewhere mid-waist or under your chest area right? This girl, you know she wear it RIGHT ON HER BOOBS CAN! seriously, its right there lor! cos me n amanda turned n checked it out while we were leaving e shop just to satisfy our curiousity.


Not pain ah? To wear it like that? Or is she just trying to be different from anybody else? But then again, of all places, it has to be over there! Such a painful area to wear a belt right?!