Babyboy e Superman!


Baby Tay Kah Yeong, ATTENTIONNNN!!

this post is specially dedicated for you, especially after you complained/whined to me about the absence of my entry praising you for the wonderful good deed you’ve done for me!

So here it is, open your eyes wide!

So people,

remember a few entries before, i said my com crashed on me? and i was fretting over e fact that all my work documents and pictures taken over yr2008 were inside? well, as usual, i was asking baby, how? Yea, i’ve this bad habit of relying too much on him when it comes to IT stuff, cos i’m completely a tech idiot, baby isnt that IT savvy either, but hey, he’s much much better than me!

so i was asking is there any way for him to help me retrieve my documents cos e mere thought of me re-typing e attendance lists and whats not scares e shit out of me. and he said, can! as long as e hard disk is not spoilt, he’ll be able to help me do it! so on saturday, he came over after our swim at JE swimming complex, took out my hard disk and off we went to his hse. To try it out and i’m telling you, i’m praying so hard that its nt my hard disk tts spoilt!



I screamed and squealed and proclaimed my undying love for him in e room. Hugged and kissed and screamed and squealed again. Yes, i was god damn bloody happy!

So baby tay kah yeong, thank you for your help and for your wit ok?


thank you my love. 🙂