Tuesday Guest Star and my shopping loots!


hannar hannar mingzhen! i know you impatient la! see, post come already lor!



Ytd was such an unhealthy unhealthy day for me! You know, i had KFC for lunch! Holy Shit. But i was actually craving for it as well, but i keep putting it off cos its super fattening, but oh wells, I’ve eaten it la, so what can i do? Exercise more, do more flat abs exercises I’ve searched in internet!


And so coincidentally, i met her on a tues again. Immediately go and find her without changing out of my uniform first cos we wanna be on time for e student meal; it ends at 530pm! And we ordered ard, 520pm. hehe. Poor what, must save money ok!


I finised my beef bowl and ice lemon tea way before her. Wonder why eh, had kfc for lunch still can feel so hungry?! Gone were e days where I can survive on a sandwich for half e day. hahaha!



nth to do, so i camwhore w myself abit first. e 2nd pic is my, “what do you think you’re doing?” look. ahahahah!


She’s trying to cover her double chin! I was sitting besides her when I realised she’s gt them and she readily admit them. And she told me she’s growing horizontally and need to do something about it. Exercise la! Dont give me excuses like,

  • no time
  • exercising wont work
  • tired

CRAP CRAP CRAP ok ppl! if you wanna get back a lean and healthy body, exercising and controlling your diet is e way to go. and it all boils dwn to one thing; whether you have e dertermination to carry it out not!

And so, we didnt take much pics cos we were busy shopping afterwards!


When  I reach home, i saw this parcel waiting for me? What will it be?


YES MINGZHEN! our hollywood tape finally arrived! I opened up mine and isnt the pink tin like e cutest? Nw i can wear all of my clothes without worrying whether when it will slide off my shoulders. hooray!

Alrights, here comes my shopping loots! We’ll first start w e loots i gt on sunday, when i went shopping w amanda! 😀


Its been ages since I’ve worn a bottom and actually feel e cloth at e back hugging my butt. SO LOOOOONG! so imagine e joy n excitement when this actually fits me?! Got it without 2nd thoughts and it cost me 32bucks. Some may think its abit too pricey for a shorts, but haiyoh, who cares! It fits me! and dont you love e buttons and details? Well, I do!


e pattern on my shorts. I think its quite easy to go with almost anything, a shirt, a tank top w suspenders, a tank top w vest. you know, e smart chic look.


and my top that i got at a super cheap prize, 11bucks?! hahah, cos it was on sale, and surprisingly, its my size, XS! you know hw rare it is to find S or XS or sales items? this top is to go with my high waist shorts tt i got quite some time ago.


the chiffon skirt I got ytd. Planning to wear it w my MNG basic and a belt. gt it for 20bucks. not really cheap considered i got it at Bugis hahahaha but wells! Its definitely cheaper than online stores. But really wanna smack myself lor, its see through leh! I didnt realise it when I was buying cos e store was super packed, and super dim. When i gt home n try it on, woohoo, might as well dont wear anything. LOL. will have to wear shorts inside for this, after CNY then will go and ask e seamstress to add one more layer of cloth inside.


ribbon earring, no idea why i get it. I think cos it looks v cute n sweet. hahaha.



the 2 pairs of pumps I got from COTTON ON. 2 for 25bucks, cheap or what?! And dont you just love e design of e insides of  e pumps? Floral and Stripes. hehe, wear already my soles will also feel happy lor!

and tts all folks!