We really don't meet up often


People who were not close to me were always shocked to learn that I actually don’t meet my boyfriend 24/7. Well, perhaps I look like e part(e kind will give 37548658 calls to e bf if he dont reply my sms), but I certainly am not. During e 1st couple of months, yes, we just can’t get enough of each other, but v soon, I was learnt to survive on an avg of meeting only once per week w him.

Sometimes, I can’t fathom how some couples can meet up like 3 to 4 times per week, every week, on a constant basis. Don’t you have friends you wanna go out with? Or spend quality time w ur family members? Even so, you meet so many days per week, won’t you get bored?

I will lor! I’m very honest, I can said it out loud, I will.

Even now, when me and him only met like once per week, we also will rack our brains on where to go etc. And for e past few weeks, we’ve been gg out w his family for dinner and movie. Ya, dinner and movie, dinner and movie. Or, we will go Queensway, VivoCity, Imm or Jurong Point. Our dates are pretty standard and to say e truth, there’s nothing much to look forward to, except that you will know, today is the day to meet him.

But if i dont get to see him,  I will still feel weird.

For this week, I’ll only meet him for half of e day cos I will need to leave for Karryn’s bday party around 5plus, which means I will only prolly spend ard 5 or 6 hrs tgt w him this week? And thats if on e day itself, we wont quarrel or anything.

Some people say, when you meet each other less often, you will treasure e time spent w each other more, I think thats not e case for us! hahaha, small lil things can sparked off a quarrel, and we have a fair share of starting an argument w each other. It just doesnt seems to bother us? That we’re only meeting so few hrs per day, yet, we will waste, on an avg, 1hr+ to be angry w each other over silly matters. We’re that kind of people lor, guilty as charged. haha!

Ok i realised im rambling off, and im tired so i shall adruptly end it here. ta.