If Leow can cook, so can you!


On Friday, i was hungry and too lazy to venture out to buy myself lunch, thus i Yahoo-ed for scrambled eggs recipe and attempt to cook them!

And i succeeded! YES! hehehe.

Well, it dont take a guru in culinary to whip up scrambled eggs. its actually very simple. Here is e recipe,

  1. Add in a tablespoon of water or milk for creamy taste (i added milk!) for each egg (i used 2, thus 2 tablespoons), add abit of salt and pepper to taste, mixed well.
  2. Use ard a tablespoon of butter for 3 eggs (just agar agar la!). Heat e butter in a pan and when it starts to sizzle, pour e mixture in.
  3. You will notice the sides actually get cooked pretty fast, preferably, used a wooden spatula(cos i used a spoon, i have no wooden spatula, my metal one to huge! e egg kinda break into tiny lil parts like u see in e pic) to lift up e sides so tt e uncooked egg mixture can flow to e bottom.  Avoid too much stirring to retain e fluffy texture.
  4. Cooked for 3-4mins, and served it piping hot!


easy or what? Rmb, if Leow can cook, so can you!