a lazy sunday w love

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on the 1st day of another new month (feb la), i woke up bright and early cos i promised to meet my babyboy at 10am at CCK. i woke up at 8+ to get ready and im off to meet him for bfast! oh btw, did i mentioned, i like to eat bfast tgt w him? makes me feel so.. couplecouple, u know?

but when we reached Lot1, erhem*, e 1st thing we did wasnt to eat, but to SHOP. Yes, CottonOn is opened so early in e morning, there’s no crowd, and its 50% sale, HOW NOT TO STEP INSIDE YOU TELL ME!!!!

b gladly let me shopped cos he need e toilet badly. and i got myself 2 tops at only 20bucks altgt. dirt cheap.


Playing in e dressing rm. hahahah, nth better to do what!

Satsified w my buys, we went to satisfy our hunger pangs! And guess what we had for bfast?


SUBWAYYYYYY! its my 1st time having subway as a bfast, and it feels nice, w e toasted bread, and crunchy vege, w e slices of meat, i must say, its a well-balanced bfast. and as we all know, bfast is e most impt meal of e day cos tts when e most of e nutrition frm our food is absorbed!


baby buying e food, and me, being served on. bwaaahaaaahahah! šŸ˜€ No la, i do buy food for him as well ok, we take turns! šŸ™‚ and joey really become more muscular le right? He’s so proud of his results lor, and i’m proudof him as well! i love molesting his arms. hahaha. especially when he is wearing a top w sleeves; sneak my hand inside and molest him! lin, we got e same fetish!


is Subway being eco-friendly by having fans on instead of e usual air-con? I know they have an air-con up there but tt belongs to Lot1 itself, you dont c Subway framing a wall up, and installing their own air-con right? Wee, eco-friendly!


baby getting quite fed up w my pictures taking cos all he wanna do is chomp dwn on his subway club.


I actually posed nicely for e pic, but he was like, “eat la! take take take!” so i stick out my tongue at him lor. I know i’ve an indentation at my tongue, ignore it. hahahah. i’ve no idea why i’ve got it as well.

And we shopped ard Lot1 and its a giving&receiving day for both of us! Cos we bought each other useless, cute stuff you know? Just to make each other happy. šŸ™‚ I like doing tt, a simple action, a simple gift, but it brightens both of us up.


I gt this for him, cos he’s quite a MJ freak? He refused to pull out e strip cos he said it will starts to blink and then he’ll look like an ah-beng. Oh, right. LOL.


I saw this and took it and waved it in front of baby. If tt isnt a hint, i dont know what is! hahahaha! cute right?! im going to paste it in my organiser, going to make my organiser look cheery and nice w all e stickers.


and no, i didnt go to his hse to slack! in fact, im still planning my work schedule for my colleagues ok! new centres starting this wk, and we will be thrown out of our comfort zone. change of vehicle, equipment wise gg to change as well, new centres, new environment! PHWOAR.

but kaiwen, you can do it!


n i gave baby one sticker to paste on his hp. bwahaha. see, i’m very kind one, ok!

And my boy got me another gift you know! HEE. He bought me another carebear for my collection! Goodnight bear!


hehehe. awwwww. so cute right? Now i have 4 carebears! Cheer, Lovealot, Goodluck, Goodnight!


I was munching on sweets when this little fella popped by and tried to eat some! hahahahha ok la, i animism ok! cannot issit! fun what! LOL.


AWWWW. hehehe. haiyoh, really lor, when used often, e fur will change quality one. Just by e picture you can see Cheer’s fur turning rough right? Goodnight’s fur is like hw super smooth to e touch!


and he decided to take a power nap before heading off for work. YES, he’s gt work in e evening thus we meet so early! So we can spend more time w each other!


And this, is my dinner! Cos it was e 7th day of lunar new year, my parents went to lou hei.Ā  Thus, i tabao back lor. This my friend, is very good mee siam! Its selling at a lil kiosk at JE interchange, Chomp On e Go. its really good meesiam! When i’m on e bus, e smell keep drifting up to my nostrils la. and make me super hungry.

Alrightys, loots of e day!


This! I nearly bought it for my CNY cos its like, peach coloured and i love peach coloured stuff! But it run out of my sizes and surprise surprise, CCK still got it, and its selling at half price! 15bucks only. ahahah! baby said its totally transparent but i think if i wear this to e beach its pefectly fine. w my white shorts. šŸ˜€


and this my friend, i got it for 5bucks only. and it fits me perfectly cos its a bloody XS. šŸ˜€ i love floral print tops, so beachy, i like~!


The Last Lecture. I finally got my hands on this bk! (he wrapped it for me, btw) Only start reading last night but just by e 1st few chapts, i’m really amazed by e author’s optimism, his inner strength, his mind set. He picked himself up, doesnt allow himself time for mourning and asking why? But instead, he planned and eased his family’s path tt he knew is gg to be hard cos he wont be there for them. I need to read this kinda bks, to remind myself to treasure life more, seriously.

Ok, toodles~.