If you were given a chance to know when you'll die, would you want to know?


Yes, i will want to know.

Why not? I mean, whats there to lose?

If I were to know I’m going to die young, I’ll make sure I try all sorts of stuff that I’ll normally say no, giving e excuse tt someday, sometime, I’ll try tt (which i will nv ever get to try, ofcos) I’ll live a colourful life and I’ll use my money and travel ard e world and immerse myself w as much information, as much adventure, as possible. Soaked to e max!

I’ll shop till I drop and wont waste my time sitting in front of e laptop doing nothing but serving e net. I’ll take up kickboxing, pole dancing, yoga, pilates but I’ll still eat like a glutton! I wont restrict myself what to eat, what not to eat since I’m gg to die young, anyway! hahaha.

I wont let small things bother me and I will be kinder to my loved ones. Be more patient w my parents and I will bring them try alot of exciting stuff which they didnt get to try. I will buy my dad e best sound system a house could ever have cos since I’m gg to die young, no point saving up! Just buy, buy, buy, buy! Make e ppl ard me happy, make myself happy, tts gg to my priority!

I will say ” I love you ” to my family and baby every single day just to let them know hw much I love them.

I will film dvds of me talking just to company them when I’m gone.

But if I were to die old, I will need to be sensible again, and must live my life through e rules. Perhaps, i can let my hair dwn once in awhile, but not to e extent whenever I like it.

Ok, why does I make it sound like living to a ripe old age is boring? Or perhaps it is, cos ur older, you will be jaded frm Life. Frm its troubles and problems. But then again, isnt it a bliss to get married, to have kids, and grandkids? To repay back to ur parents for their upbringing?

Yes, indeed, that will be a blessing.

Aiyah, tt book I’m reading lor! Make me think so much, but tts a good thing as well. 🙂